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Monday, August 2, 2010

:Singing: Happy Birthday to Meeee!

Yesterday I turned 23 years old, and I celebrated with a wonderful weekend. Saturday night began my celebration with dinner with my boys and a walk along the canal (where the hubs and I tied the knot). Sunday morning I awoke to the aroma of some DELICIOUS cupcakes which I decided to have for breakfast with my coffee...LOL. Hubs played the role of personal chef and cooked my requested menu for the day...YUM! Later, my mom and two of my three brothers also came down for the night. We finished the celebration off at Rick's Cafe on the Eagle Creek Reservoir and ate dinner while we watched the sunset. My day was filled with so much love and I couldn't have asked for anything better :-)

Today pumpkin had a blast with his uncles in the morning and running around town with us. He is counting to 10, singing his ABCs, and counting backwards from 3 (LOL)... I am so proud of my little baby genius. After he took his bath and got ready for bed I brought in a bottle and he lights up and says "a ba!"...It was soooo cute! Definitely a parent moment...

Oh, and he is currently in the big boy bed...FTW
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