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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Little Home Improvement

Two weeks huge plans, just to spend time with my N-squared and make a few more summer memories. Plus the occasional waitressing shift...very occasional. I think that everything is pretty much settled in our new apartment although I would love to make a trip to The Container Store or Ikea just to see if there is anything we could add in the organizational department...

I've also been bustling around the place today re-arranging furniture, pictures, and double checking our childproofing since the little one seems to be entering a new stage of "by any means necessary" exploration. I've realized that pictures really do make a world of difference. It definitely started feeling the most "homey" it has ever been in here when familiar faces were hung on the now I feel like I'm in "hang pictures" overload...can you overdo it? I guess we'll find out...LOL

I would also like to paint Pumpkin's room at some time (but I doubt that will happen this summer), look for a big painting for the wall opposite the front door entryway, stain our dining room table, and have some shelves put in in the living Hubs is so handy, so the possibilities are endless LOL... He thinks we might as well stay here for all four years of school, so we gotta get to decorating!
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