The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: May 2013
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer is Here!!!

I knew better, because this has happened before, but I thought that when my vacation started I would have all these witty and interesting posts to write. Welp… as you can see, that was not the case. I want to think that part of the reason is because I was too busy out enjoying regular people life - which is true. But deep down I know it’s because honestly, on this vacation I did not feel like doing naan thing.  Fourth year starts on Monday, and although I am going back to the daily routine of the morning rush and my night time shut down , I am thankful that this month will be more of a 8am-5pm gig and that it signifies the commencement of fourth year – a year filled with rotations I chose to do.

I do have a "quick" recap for you though.

Vacation kicked off with a bang. After my final exam, the family and I hit the road and headed to New Orleans for one of my college BFF’s (and college roommate’s) law school graduation at Tulane. It was awesome. Natey was absolutely hilarious the whole time (sidebar, stay tuned for a “Things Natey Says” post). I wasn't sure how a four year old would do on a 14hour drive, but he was so excited to travel and see new places, and it was so cool to see his little self take everything all in. 

College Roomies!!

The Crew!
The Nates!
On the River Walk in NO.
Right after some creepy bayou man unsolicitedly
informed me I was carrying a boy...Thanks sir.
I am so happy I was able to go and support my friend. Medical school has a habit of draining all of the desire to do anything extra out of you – and you tend to use it as an excuse for why you don’t go anywhere or do anything – but I am so happy I didn’t do that this time. It’s amazing how much seeing your close friends fills you up. I love these people dearly and can’t wait for us to do this again next spring (my other college roommate graduates from law school next year and of course, yours truly is going to get that M.D.! IT’S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN.).

On the way home, we stopped in Terry, Mississippi for a night to visit my mom’s side of the family. It was so much fun! It feels so good to be around family and I was so happy that Natey (and the Hubby) got to see where my Grammy grew up and how beautiful it is! The little one was loving the country life. As soon as we arrived, we pretty much did not see him again until we left. On the final leg of the trip, we stopped in Memphis for lunch and got to see one of my cousins and her daughter. BEST. WEEKEND. EVER.

Natey got to meet some of the family horses...

When we got home, it was back to reality – i.e. field trips, the car that had overheated the week of my final exams :sigh:, and many other things on my massive three-part “To Do” list (pictured). I have been slowly but surely crossing things off which feels super good. Notice how very little under my "Self" list has been crossed off...don't judge. However, I have managed the following: 


  • Almost completed the nursery… (I made my first Craigslist sale when I got rid of our guestroom furniture…Go me!)  
  • We had maternity pictures taken…
  • I wiped down all the baseboards in the house and organized almost all the closets....
  • I found a summer camp for the kid…
  • Started my preliminary nanny/childcare search…
  • Registered for Step 2… (let us all shed a tear for that $1,750 exam HUGE side eye)
  • Started my CV and personal statement for residency…
Oh, and I am so over my self-inflicted Mommy Guilt secondary to our regular use of before and after care at school. I thought Natey would be stoked when I told him that we could sleep in and I could walk him into his classroom at the regular time for the last two weeks of school. Nope. He wanted to wake up early so he could still go in to before care -_- 

Oh, and the first day I picked Nate up at the “usual” go home time of 11:15am (I know…keeping my kid in school until 3pm was considered “extended day" - and usually Nate is in aftercare until after 5pm), the KID CRIED ALL THE WAY HOME BECAUSE HE WANTED TO STAY FOR AFTERCARE!!! -_____- 

I cannot. 

Mommy Guilt instantly cured.

As far as pregnancy updates, the only new thing is that I am even huger (sp?) than before. And my sleeping is non-existent – which kind of sucks a lot. I’m currently trying to think of a new pregnancy pillow invention because I have tried them all and they are just not cutting it. Oh, and being pregnant in this heat hasn't been so bad. All you have to do is keep the A/C on 65... :Kanye shrug:

Today, my little one had his last day of Pre-School!! I am so thankful that his last two weeks of school fell on my vacation, it was probably the most present I’ve been in his class all year, and I can tell he loved it (despite the before/aftercare comments haha). On to Pre-Kindergarten!!!

Happy Summer from me and my little boo!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Music Monday

Thank you to all who have served our country to preserve the freedoms that we enjoy. Hope you and your families are having a safe and restful Memorial Day weekend :hugs: 

I'll have an update on my break soon, in the meantime, this song is really speaking to me right now...


Friday, May 17, 2013

3rd Year, It's Been Real...

If Diddy is dancing across your screen you know what that means...My school year is DONE. 

Today was my last exam of third year, which would officially make me a fourth year medical student - i.e. 75% a doctor. WOAH.

Can you believe ya'll have been reading along with me for that long?

I am so so so so SO SO blessed and third year has been an awesome growing experience for me.

The biggest of which is finally deciding what I want to do with my life.

Well, now we get two glorious weeks off and then it's back to clerkships until Baby J gets here!

So, on that note, time for me to enjoy my vacay!

And you know there will be PLENTY of this happening:

Because I think I have earned it ;-)

Ciao friends!

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