The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: March 2013
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Monday, March 4, 2013

In Case You Don't Hear from Me in a While...

Sometimes we just have to encourage ourselves...
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Don't worry, because I'm fine. I'm just on my general surgery rotation....

We got our assignments on Friday, and starting Wednesday, I will be on pediatric surgery for the next five weeks. This particular rotation has been notorious for being one of the most grueling, mentally exhausting, and nerve wracking rotations due to the high stress level and short tempers of staff.

I have been mentally preparing myself for this seeing as the rumor is if you get a subspecialty rotation as wonderful as ENT, you usually end up with a polar opposite for general surgery (insert Peds Surg).

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I asked some of my friends who have been on the rotation this year if they had any advice and one person responded with: "...Just remember you can't win so don't get mad at yourself if they get mad at you. Just remember, they get mad about everything...Stay positive!"


Today, I felt myself getting a tad bit nervous because of all the unknown, but I realize I need to keep that in check. I'm supposed to "be anxious about nothing", right? Yesterday, at church he talked about having courage to trust God in all areas of your life, and it couldn't have come at a better time. I am totally giving this rotation to God and I know that it will all work out for my good. Third year thus far has been amazing and all of my rotations while with-child have been completed without any setbacks. I am going to lean on faith and expect the best despite what the situation looks like. I pray that His light shines through me as I complete my general surgery rotation.

Rounds start at 5:30AM so I have to be in the hospital pre-rounding on my patients by 4:30AM. It sounds like my days will end around 4:30/5PM, and that will be phenomenal because I can still pick up the little before aftercare shuts down at 6. See, that's already something to be thankful for!

I can do ALL things....

20 Week Belly!
Side-note, I'm officially 20 weeks pregnant today! I cannot believe how fast things are going by! So much to do!!! I think it's time to cave and buy some real maternity pants...I've been holding on with the belly band and/or untucked shirt with undone top button for two weeks now and it's starting to get a little uncomfortable...LOL

Many thanks as always for keeping me in your prayers! It is working!!


Music Monday

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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