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Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Day as an M1

So yesterday was orientation part 1!! It was really nice and VERY informative. After checking in there was a bunch of random logistical stuff we had to get done - like buying our first course packets ( gross anatomy course packet is huge and is for the FIRST EXAM ONLY...well Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore...), and then we received many warm welcomes and a brief introduction to some classes, more financial aid info, and some self-inventory activities.

Even though I have spent the last year in the medical science building and there were many familiar faces, I approached everything like new. This time I have a locker and a mailbox by the M1s :-D I have classes in a new auditorium , and anatomy lab is HUGE....six students to a cadaver and there are like 170 students in the lab...whew...

At lunch there was an activities fair (a waaay smaller version of Diag Day at Michigan, but it was still great) and you could sign up for different interest groups related to specialties you might be interested in, diversity orgs, women's orgs, Christian orgs, outreach clinics, etc. I feel like I got on too many listservs, but everything sounded great LOL...

The speakers/faculty yesterday definitely put things back into perspective for me. Despite the nervousness for the year, I mustn't (spell check said that's right :-P) forget that I am doing this to make a difference in this world, to help to save lives, and to touch families...I am so excited that I am getting closer and closer to realizing my dream :tear:

Today is more orientation this morning, family orientation for the hubs, and later, the much anticipated white coat ceremony!! stay tuned!
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