The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: July 2013
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Welcome My Sweet, Sweet Baby Girl...

So in love...
She has only been in our lives for a little over one week, but I feel like my heart has had a place for her forever.

On Wednesday, July 17th at 8:31AM, Isabelle made her debut weighing in at 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches long. We were all instantly smitten.

In my last post, I shared that I would be heading in to be induced. I had a great induction experience and labor with Natey, but I was still nervous going in this time around. The usual plan for induction - if you haven't really dilated (I hadn't) - is to get something called cervidil for the first 12 hours to make your cervix more favorable for labor and then to start pitocin - a synthetic version of oxytocin that gets the strong contractions going. That was the order of events last time and the planned order of events this time around...

Well, that night I got the cervidil around 7PM. By 9PM I was having pretty regular, strong, and PAINFUL contractions. It wasn't until I caved and asked for pain medicine around 1AM that I was able to fall asleep for a few hours - it was more like a loopy, drugged stupor but the fact that I was able to not think about the pain made it a success in my book.

Anyway, by around 5 or 6AM it was time for the cervidil to come out and I was only 2.5/3cm dilated. This totally bummed me out to the point of tears considering the cervidil had basically pushed me into active labor contractions through the night. I have so much respect for women who achieve natural childbirth because the pain was so much more intense than I remembered with Natey. I was miserable and mean to my poor hubby who tried to take my mind off of things. I didn't get an epidural until 4cm with Natey, but there was no way I was waiting any longer, so we called the anesthesiologist. And after I got the epidural I. WAS. GOLDEN.

My OB came to check me and said I was about a 3. The nurse suggested that since I was already contracting pretty strongly, that we didn't start the pitocin and just see what I could do on my own. So my doc broke my water, ran to do a c-section (which usually take about 45 minutes from start to finish), and said she would be back right after to see how things are going. Well, before she could make it back, baby's heart rate was decreasing a bit - the nurse said that this happens sometimes when there is a lot of cervical change in a little bit of time - so my nurse decided to check me and immediately said that we needed to call the doctor because I was complete. We were in disbelief. I went from 3cm to 10cm in less than 45 minutes - that is a personal best for me haha!

When my OB ran in she agreed that it was time to push. I gave my first push and she said, "believe it or not the head is out!" There was one more big push and we had our baby girl.

It was one of the best days of my life.
Our first family photo as 4

"I'm ready to hold her, Daddy, but I'm not ready to carry her..."
Immediately, Natey took his big brother role extremely seriously. He lets everyone know how they should hold the baby, what to do if she cries (give her back to his mommy), and how they need to be quiet so they don't disturb her. I'm so proud of him and I know that he is going to be her lifetime protector. And I cannot begin to tell you how gone my husband is. As soon as he saw her for the first time, he has had that love struck look on his face. He is such an amazing dad, and I am so blessed to be on this parenting journey with him. I already know she is going to be a Daddy's girl. There is so much love in my heart and in our house it brings me to tears to think about.

God is so good.

Our little Miss Isabelle

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby J Has Been Served!

39 Weeks HUGE!
No, the baby is not here yet. I'm still pregnant. But the eviction papers have been served and this baby is coming out by tomorrow whether he or she wants to or not. I have been putting off blogging until I finished all the work for my July elective. I was hoping to get my project done a week ago, but here I am on the morning of my induction day (we go in tonight at 6!!!) and my project is done. Hey, at least its finished with half the month to spare, right?

Project done. House is clean. Bags are packed. Baby J we are ready for you! Natey told us last night that he is ready for the baby to come too because "we have been waiting a long time..." I agree. Yesterday, I got all caught up in my feelings. Little Nate is seeming so mature but so much like my baby at the same time, like even within the last week. It's almost as if he is preparing for his big kid role and making room for a new baby in the house. We [little Nate and I] have been through so much together and reflecting on the time between my pregnancy with him to now really got me all emotional. The three musketeers will become four. I still can't believe it's really happening...

Since I was put on bedrest, not too much has been going on - aside from drinking ridiculous amounts of water and reaching new heights of uncomfortableness. Being a regular person really took two weeks to get used to, but it really has been a blessing to slow down for a bit. I did my best to take it easy while staying at home with a four year old. Nate decided last week that he wasn't going to take naps anymore o_O. The baby has been doing fine and my fluid levels went back up to normal! My doc said that she wanted to keep baby cooking until at least 39 weeks, and here we are!

I thought the color execution was impeccable ;-) Thanks Mom!
On Saturday, my mom threw us an awesome shower to welcome the new addition. Sidenote, she should really go into event planning because she made our little messy yard look like a clubhouse haha... The oh-so-true theme was "Ready to Pop" and the colors were pink, blue, and yellow (see pictures). A lot of my friends from school came up to show their love and even one of my friends from college (Her 5-year-
old daughter came too, and she and Natey were hilarious all weekend). Even though I have been feeling totally drained of energy, it was a great day and it will definitely be one of my favorite memories of this pregnancy.

This morning Natey and I are just taking it easy and enjoying our last morning alone. I think God really wanted me to get my project done because not only did Nate take his first nap in two weeks yesterday, but also he slept in until 8AM which allowed me to knock out the last few pages of my paper. Praise Him.

Keep us in your prayers, I will update you with the stats of our new bundle as soon as I feel up to it!

My sweet boy...
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