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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Day of Break

Yesterday my family mourned the loss of our beloved pet Russian tortoise - Scottie. We had him for eleven years and recently he was feeling under the weather. The vet did all that she could, but we still lost him :-( This post is dedicated to Scottie R.


In the last couple of days I pretty much accomplished everything on my things to do/buy list and now we are ready to go! Hubby has been quite the little worker bee - staining our kitchen table, cleaning the carpet, doing everything I ask him to ;-)

Pumpkin got his first backpack and matching lunch box for school and let me tell you, it is cayyyute! He still doesn't like the idea of having something on his back, but he does like carrying both bags in each hand. I didn't get a good picture this morning, so stay tuned...

Today I finally made it to a hairdresser in Indy and it was a success. She specializes in non-permed and natural hair so it was a great match for me. I still miss my hairdresser/friend in Michigan, but she is a good secondary since I probably won't be able to make it back to Detroit as often this year...After I got my hair done, I did my makeup and I went to get my new school ID picture taken so that I would look nice and fresh this time around in the hair department - somehow it didn't translate well into my photo for school last year...Well, yea, I'm convinced that any ID picture one takes is more often than not going to look like there was no planning whatsoever... Either way, I'm excited :-D

Hopefully I won't sweat my hair out before the ceremony on Saturday afternoon, because it is an "excessive heat" advisor until tomorrow at 8PM....WOMP.

And now I am off to work...double WOMP

Orientation tomorrow!!! eeeek! I'm so blessed to be finally going to med school!!!
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