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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

Since my last update post, I have made my way through three different rotations...Ya'll, when I say this year feels like it is slipping right out of my hands, I mean it. 

Besides the fact that my To Do list is growing, which has me in a bit of a panic, I am in awe of how far into this exhausting process called residency I am. 

Friday, I worked on L&D as the intern, while our interns were able to get away for a much needed weekend retreat. It feels like it was just time for our intern retreat, and now we are helping to recruit the next incoming class for our chief year! Crazy!

Anyway, the third year residents are supposed to cover all the intern shifts on retreat weekend. Being the intern as a third year is way more fun than when you are the actual intern, but even as the fake intern, Friday was so busy. I came in to work Friday morning on the GYN service, and I just knew I would get to rest at some point, but I barely squeaked by with a 30 minute couch-nap in the board room. 

After an exhausting call, we went (read: Nate drove) to go see my little bro and his football team take the "W" at Davidson College. He was awesome and it was a great game!

We spent the night in Charlotte after the game, but really, it was all a blur. All I remember is the delicious burger I ate for dinner and being in an instant coma when I got under the covers. There is no tired like Residency-tired, folks. 

Sunday involved my usual routine of laundry, to-do list making, and finishing clinic notes left over from Friday. 

#90 in Beast Mode

Go Dawgs!

Nothing like a nap with biscuit in hand...

Hope Fall is treating you all well! I promise more content soon, especially for my Med Students and Med School hopefuls!


Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Self Care Initiative

I know that resident-mamas aren't the only ones that struggle with regularly doing something nice for themselves... My devotion to this cause has waxed and waned over my motherhood career. When you are crunched for time, taking care of yourself is usually the first thing to go.

One of my goals for 2016 was to do better when it came to this, and since my hours aren't really going to change, I have to get creative. By creative I mean taking the work and effort out of things so that they get done without being an additional burden.

We are now into the last quarter of the year (unreal), and this is still a work in progress. Because many of us have this same story, a number of genius women have sought to make it a little easier on us. Kelley McLean, the creator of MamaBu Box, is one of them.

Kelley writes, "the Mamabu Box team is passionate about empowering purposeful moms to take time to be intentional about practicing self-care. We want to support moms in finding and living their calling while setting an example for their children that with God all things are possible. However, we know that often in the quest to do and have it all we sometimes can let our own care fall by the wayside. Mamabu Box is a convenient bimonthly care-package curated around themes that remind us to check in with ourselves. In each package we highlight a mom-owned business and share a mommy inspiration from a fellow mom. We basically want to provide moms with an outlet to give themselves the attention they deserve; and look really cute doing it!”"

My summer-themed box was not only gorgeous in color, but practical. In her personalized note, Kelley explained how each item was to not only help you unwind, but also get you outside for some much needed solitude or fun with your kids.

My box included organic lip balm and bug spray, a gorgeous clutch tote and aviators for chic travel, and my favorite, a heavenly, lavender scented deodorizer that definitely mellowed me out on my car trips to work.

This is a monthly subscription worth the investment. The great thing is, if you aren’t ready to commit to a membership, you can purchase each box in their shop ( as a one-time purchase, as long as they are available. 

If the idea of taking care of yourself isn't incentive enough, a portion of all proceeds go to support mom-owned businesses! So you can help take care of other well-deserving mamas. Right on, ladies!

Use code MOMMYMRSMD15 for %15 off your first box. Sign up by October 23rd to get your November themed "Mommy Retreat" box!


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hey Strangers...

Yep. She still blogs...

After my birthday #SummerSixteen seemed like it flew by even faster than it came in. I'm happy to report that I survived the busiest service of third year. I still have to conquer two mini-blocks of antepartum (inpatient obstetrics) and 7 weeks of GYN-Onc, but I think I will be just fine.

Since leaving Wake Med, I have been on a rotation called Ambulatory Care Clinic (or ACC). ACC is just what it sounds like - I get to spend my days in the outpatient OB and GYN clinics. It has been great to learn how to run my clinic more efficiently, especially now that I am a big, bad third year and know a whole lot more about what I am doing...

The hours are also quite nice which has allowed time for other responsibilities - like working on my third year research project, meetings about interview season, tending to my self-care initiative (or lack thereof), and some much needed recuperation with our family. I feel like it took me two weeks before I felt like I was crawling out of the hole of exhaustion from Wake.

In Johnson news...

Natey started second grade! Isabelle is beaming with as much pride over him as we are.

Big Nate finally was able to live out his fantasy on the race track one weekend when our family visited the Charlotte Motor Speedway. And I am sure his fantasy all those years ago included being at a racetrack with his two kids haha!

Back when he was just a teenager with a Mustang :-D

And we completed the fasted (and longest) road trip in history over Labor Day weekend when we went to Detroit for Nate's mom's birthday party:

And then afterward hit the road again to see my parents in Indiana. Something about the familiar spaces at home that seem to put everything back into alignment. I needed it. An added bonus was that  my brother josh, his girlfriend, plus my uncle and his family all came up for the day too!

Seeing your babies in the place you grew up gives you all the warm fuzzies...

So happy I got to see my sweet Samson

And my sweet middle brother came to see us
Josh and Bridget xo

Backyard fishing with my dad (Grampy)

We will talk about my child's sass at another time...

Thanks for bearing with me, still reading, and indulging in my photo dump...

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Sunday, August 7, 2016


On August 1st I turned 29! Even though I rang in my birthday on Nights, I had the following weekend off and planned to celebrate the last year of my twenties appropriately. I am overwhelmed by the love shown by my friends and family, and feel so blessed that so many people took the time to think of me all week long. 

I am so happy I am turning 29 too, Little Nate :-) 

Before leaving for work on my Birthday Eve, we celebrated at home with a delicious carryout Italian dinner and ice cream cake!

At work, my team for the evening surprised me with cake from the caf AND I got treats from our sweet L&D nurses. Later in the week, my daytime team brought even more delicious cake...

In addition to the birthday festivities, this was also a much-anticipated week for our household, because Nate's family was visiting from Michigan. Our house was full of children (7!), laughter, and chaos - it was wonderful. There is nothing better than being around family...

On Saturday, the plan was to put the kiddos to bed and hit the streets of Raleigh. My gifts were not finished yet, though, because in the afternoon my little brother Carey, who lives in DC, casually walked in our house and surprised me! I was so happy I cried! Shout out to the hubby for pulling it all together seamlessly...

And then we met up with some of my friends from work and we partied! So much fun!!

I know I say it all the time, but the years are going by so fast. I'm so thankful for everyone and everything in my life right now. 

It can be hard to stay focused on what is important when life gets hectic, but this birthday was a much needed reminder that no matter the distance in miles, I don't have to travel far to feel the love of those I care about. Everyone isn't blessed to see another year, and I don't want to ever take it for granted. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. xoxo

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Izzy-Bee Is Three!

Hey guys!

Hope you had a great weekend. The summer is flying by and I can't believe we are already almost into August. Work has my free time extremely limited, but I wanted to share some photos from Isabelle's third birthday last weekend. She was so happy all day and did everything we asked of her - like putting on her party dress without a fight, "I love this dress!" she said LOL

She seems so big now! When she opened each gift, she paused and said, "it's just what I wanted" :swoon: She is such a little doll :-) 

The party was a great time with family and friends - my parents were able to make the trip down and spend time with the kids all week so they were in heaven. They even went to DC with them overnight to visit my brother.  

I felt so good about her party, I almost lost all the mommy guilt left over from two years ago during intern year when I didn't do anything big for her first birthday :sigh:

Here are some photo's from Isabelle's day :-D 

You're OBGYNs ladies and gentlemen...
My sweet co-residents
My parents made the trip too and were a HUGE help with getting the house ready for guests
Post-party nap, still our baby!

We love you Isabelle!
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