The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: October 2013
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Unapologetic. Period.

Last month, Mothers in Medicine shared my blog on Facebook and this happened: 

If you haven't noticed by now, I am a Christian. 

I know God is the sole reason I am where I am today and I am not afraid to share it. On the flip side, I know that everyone does not share my religious views and although I am unapologetic about what I believe, I am not here to force anyone to believe what I believe. 

That is why I think it is unfair that people feel like they need to make statements like "be warned" about my writing (or anyone else's writing who is Christian) for being "very religious". Let people start to read it and decide for themselves if they want to continue. No one prefaces an atheist's writing with "beware there is no religion in here"... 

:steps off soap box:

What do you guys think? Am I overreacting? 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Music Monday

My weekends are all the more valuable now that I only have one day off...Happy Monday!

Lets make it a great week!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

First Week of Sub-I? Check.

Encouragement from the Hubby
My first week of Sub-I is behind me and I think it went pretty smoothly. Especially considering these 10-14 hour days are long and I am beyond exhausted. I was not the biggest fan of internal medicine during third year, but I have to admit that this time around it has been kind of awesome.

I was paged for the first time two days ago. The conversation went like this:
Me: "Hi! This is Jasmine the sub-I, I was just paged."
Nurse: "Yes, this is nurse _____ on 4West, patient X's blood sugar is 322 and she is supposed to get 9 units of correction insulin in addition to the 5 units with meals. Do you still want to do that?"
Me: :thinking but trying not to take too long so I sound competent: "Yes, that should be fine."
I quickly called my resident verify that this was in fact the right choice, and it was :-) I know it sounds insignificant, but too much insulin can pretty much put you in a coma so I was making critical clinical decisions folks...haha

Morning commute praise break
Since then, I've been called about medication changes, chest pains, and cross-cover patients for other sub-Is... Friday night, my team was on call until 9PM and the day flew by because I was able to do so much as far as making decisions for my patients.

It helps that I have a great resident and staff who both ask me what I want to do and then let me actually do it - unless its way off in left field...then they reel me in a bit lol

Finding time to pump has been the biggest stress so far. My resident is cool with me taking whatever time I need, but honestly, I get so busy and by the time things quiet down its pretty much the afternoon and 6+ hours since I fed Izzy before I left home. Ouch. Regardless...I make time each day and so far it is working out. The nurses at the station by the hospital's lactation room have been the absolute sweetest. A couple of them are pumping too and let me keep my pump and stuff with theirs so it's more convenient for me and I don't have to run back to my locker on a different floor.

The family is adjusting pretty well too. Not sure if it will even continue into the second week, but I managed to get dinner cooked 3/5 days. That's a huge feat for me because I am quick to take an L on making shame. Natey is used to mommy leaving early and returning late but I feel like every time Izzy looks at me she is questioning if I am leaving soon. I know I'm just being crazy but you know I have a chronic history of Mommy Guilt :sigh:

I'm trying to imagine what life will be like next year when I am officially an intern and this month has made me pretty excited because I know I will be ready!
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