The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: July 2014
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Checking in!

Well, I knew blogging during intern year would be a bit more difficult than medical school... However, I did not think that aiming for at least a bi-weekly post would be a feat.

I have never worked this hard in my life.

The Gyn-Oncology service is so busy and my team and I are hustling ALL. DAY. LONG. Last week Natey sweetly asked me if I felt like I lived at the hospital :tear: Yes, yes I do...

Despite the exhaustion, despite still getting used to this "Dr. Johnson" thing, taking care of patients has been awesome. Being called to the bedside of a critically ill patient is humbling to say the least. I have a wonderful team and co-residents to lean on, and every day I feel more capable and confident than the next. In addition to being the so-lovingly-called "onc intern", I've completed two rounds of my very own OBGYN continuity clinic. And I've delivered four babies on my call shifts - two vaginal deliveries and two c-sections. The learning curve has been steep and I know God has been with me every challenging step of the way. 

In Johnson fam news...

Thursday our baby girl turned 1!!! I was forewarned that Thursday would also be a late day for our team, so we decided to celebrate early. I had planned to do this adorable pinterest-style princess party with our friends this weekend, but it was a crazy week, and by the time I got off on Friday night, nothing had been planned so it didn't work out. I was OK with that in the moment - hopefully my mommy guilt lets me live in peace with that decision :sigh:

I cannot believe Isabelle has been in our lives for a whole year. She stole our hearts from day one and it is a joy to watch her continue to blossom into a beautiful little lady.

Natey is savoring the last month of his summer doing big kid things like learning to ride without training wheels, hanging out at the pool with dad, and his usual "ninja training"...LOL I cannot believe it is almost back to school time, this summer has flown by. Kindergarten in less than a month!

The hubs is kicking butt at managing work and primary kid-duty. I had no doubts. I try and contribute as much as I can. So far it means having croc-pot meals waiting on them when they get home, and swooping in just in time to handle baths and bedtime. I'm determined to master the mom-tern life (Mom + Intern = Mom-tern. Yes, I just made that a fetch, right?) And even though we haven't had any official date nights, he and I are doing a great job of being cognizant of each other's love tanks. 

Life is busier than its ever been. It is not easy, but it's doable. I am so thankful for the beautiful grace He's given us to make it through each day.

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