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Sunday, August 8, 2010


So this weekend went nothing at all how I thought it would, but that's okay because I still have plenty to be thankful for...

Church was on point today (per usual). Our new church home has really been a blessing since I started going back in October (we just joined in June)...The children's church has been on break during all of July, but now Pumpkin can go run around, play, and be as loud as he wants to, and we can stay in the sanctuary again :-)

He talked about the power of a positive confession. Growing up and over the years I have always been taught that our words have power, but he brought a lot of great new insight to it today. He said that faith is not a denial of your situation, but instead an attitude we choose to have DESPITE our situation because we know what is fact - God's word. Example: You may not have any money right now, BUT God's word says he will supply ALL needs exceedingly above all we could ask or think. He talked about how Jesus brought a woman's son back to life while the funeral processional was going on and they were about to bury him. Just like that woman, God can still work a miracle in our lives despite the fact that we have given up and are just about to "bury" our problem.

He also told this story: There was a man, and all he owned was a donkey. Well one day he was walking with his donkey behind him and he looked back and the donkey was gone, but there was a big hole. He looks down in the hole and sure enough, the donkey is in the hole unable to get out. The man is discouraged because he has nothing left besides the donkey so he goes away sad. The next day he decides to bury the donkey because he can't just watch it die. So he starts digging and throwing dirt on the donkey. After a while, he notices that he can see the donkey's ears above the hole. So he looks in the hole and realizes that every time he throws dirt on the donkey, he shakes it off, pats it down, and goes to a new when the devil thinks he is getting ready to bury you, God says just shake it off, pat it down, and He will take you to a new level.

So on point...I can apply this principle to so many things in my life right now, and I am so excited to see God move :-D
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