The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: June 2016
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Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hey Peeps :-)

This weekend flew by... On Wednesday, my mom flew in for a visit. We hadn't seen her since January, and although we talk just about every day, I missed her so much! Friday was her birthday so we took her to our favorite Mexican spot for dinner and came home for cake and presents. My little brothers surprised her and called in to Google Hangouts so they could sing "Happy Birthday" too. She was so happy, and it was perfect.


This weekend was also the graduation banquet for our OB/GYN program. Nate and I got all dressed up and headed to Chapel Hill for the festivities. We had a blast. I cannot believe my class and I are halfway done with residency!!!

I'm done with the SICU and starting off my third year on our busiest OB/GYN service out in Raleigh. It also means that because I am a third year (!!!!), I am officially the chief of the service -ahhh! Our new interns start this Friday and I am excited to play such an active role in getting them acclimated to what it is like to be an OB/GYN resident!

It seems like just yesterday we were in their shoes. I was so nervous!

Sunday night I had to work, so we just chilled out at home for Father's Day. I tried to make sure Nate was able to sleep in and rest since I wasn't going to be around for the bedtime round up... He's such an awesome dad.

Please me in your prayers! It's going to be a tough summer but I am hopeful that it will be also full of fun and great family time.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Second Year & "Potential Space"

Happy Sunday folks. Hope you all are keeping cool. I got off work this morning and it was already 80 degrees! Whew!

My days as a second year resident are numbered. The past few weeks have been pleasantly reflective and introspective for me. It doesn't help that the SICU life has me all in my emotions (in addition to the old school Aretha and Carole King blasting through my house right now).

But on a happier note, I think one of the biggest accomplishments of second year was not only learning SO MUCH and feeling more like I was not only effective and thriving at work, but also making it work for us at home. Work-life "balance" is unrealistic, but work-life INTEGRATION sure is something to shoot for...

A wise mama-doc that I work with is my role model when it comes to having her life in order and getting stuff done. I remember during intern year when I asked her how she managed to not only be a mom to a new baby, be a kick butt doctor, but also simultaneously bring baked goods to rounds, she shrugged and said, "time is a potential space". Meanwhile, I was just trying to make sure I kept my life afloat...

I loved the idea that time is what we make of it, and it has stuck with me throughout my whole second year of residency. I would like to think that I have stepped my game up over this past year (for us, residents, the "new year" starts in July) by taking that to heart - both in my personal and professional life...

I drive and listen to educational/journal lectures. 

I exercise and read, or catch up on emails, or current events, etc. 

I have cut back on social media browsing and used the time to blog, write, reflect, do something to add value to me and my life.

I go to work and find unique ways to let my babies know I am thinking of them and loving them. 

I savor and make the most of my post-call days when it came to my personal health (dentist, hair appointments, nails - haha don't judge me)

Right now, I may or may not be cooking spaghetti and blogging at the time :-) I can't remember the last time I actually cooked dinner, but that's besides the point... #WomenWithHusbandsWhoCook #Blessed

I think multitasking goes beyond work hours. Very few of us hold only one or two roles in life, and whether it's two roles or ten, we want to do them well and feel like we are being effective.

I took my last 24 hour call as a second year yesterday :fist pump:

I remember when I was just halfway done with medical school and now I am halfway done with residency. Time waits for no one, ya'll so make sure you spend it doing something you want to do...

Have a good night! Time for some spaghetti :-D

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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We're talking all about pregnancy related things this week! Please pass these links on to any of the expecting ladies you may know...

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday my peeps! Hope you all had a great weekend. 

Here are some of my favorite motivational posts from {Pinterest} this week: 

Alright, now get out of here and go do some great things ;-) 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekend(s) Recap

So life is a bit cray cray right now since I am in the SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit). I have to be ready for sign out at the hospital at 5:30am and I get off around 6:00pm. It's not too bad, but by the time I get home, my functionality outside of eating dinner and vegging out with the fam is minimal.

So blogging has taken a hit, but I am still here. The last two weekends have actually been pretty awesome.

First of all, I finished nights!!! Friday morning our team went out for celebratory breakfast.

My awesome nights team
Then I headed to the airport to pick up one of my college besties from LA who was visiting for the holiday. Although we try and keep in touch, we hadn't actually been together since 2011.



When she got here it was like we picked up right where we left off.

I have always felt that her life was way more fabulous than mine - because it is. She works in entertainment and gets to rub elbows with the Hollywood In-Crowd. And of course, she brought some hipness to the Johnson house - including selfie stick usage, Snapchat {you can now follow me @MrsMommyMD}, pool party decorum, and celebrity gossip. Jokes aside,  she is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people I know. It brought me so much joy that the littles got to spend time with Auntie Larissa...

Best. Nail. Salon. EVER.

Should have never given the Johnsons Snapchat
This past weekend, we had planned to go to Charlotte for Nate's Muscle Car Experience birthday present, but the Raceway over booked and now we have to reschedule - I was so bummed. Nate's mom also came to visit us and thanks to her, we were able to go on our first date, outside of the house, without the kids, IN A YEAR. I know...that is like the epitome of a marriage technical foul (I'm in basketball playoff mode). But it was great, we met up with some friends for dinner and then just hung out in downtown Durham talking and eating ice cream...shhh don't tell the kids.

Sunday, Nate and I went on a couples run and then we all went to the pool.

This coming weekend is my last call as a second year...Ya'll, I am almost halfway done with residency. If that doesn't deserve the celebratory Diddy gif, I don't know what does...

Alright, off to bed I go! xoxo
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