The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: March 2016
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Childcare Search 101

Daycare drop-off circa 2010
Finding childcare for your little people can be one of the most stressful and time consuming processes ever. If you aren't blessed to have family that can help you - for example, if you're like us, all alone in North Carolina :tear: - then you have to recruit help.

Fear not, though a daunting feat, it can be done! Here are some of my strategies for finding a good daycare.

First, you have to list (and prioritize) your needs. 
-  Do you need someone comfortable with more than one child? Do they need to be familiar with newborns?
- Will you need help with driving kids around?
- A place within reasonable proximity to your job?
- Someone who can make meals and/or help with cleaning?
- Do you have language preferences? I love the idea of someone who could help my kids practice their Spanish...

Next, be honest about your budget. 
- Can you afford one-on-one care? Although this would be ideal for many of us, usually this can be a difference of $200-300 per week compared to a daycare center. You have to be real about what you can afford.
- Does the idea of a co-op/swap childcare situation appeal to you or sharing a nanny with another family? This may be more feasible if you have a flexible schedule yourself - not typical of medical school/residency.
- See if your job has child care expense accounts or extra living expense loans for childcare (I had to use those in med school). Make sure the facilities you are looking into are eligible for any childcare related spending accounts.

What else should you consider?
- College students are awesome, but they may leave for the summer/school year, study abroad, or leave. Then you are back at square one. Make sure you specify whether or not this is a long term need.
- Sites like can help you start a list of possible nannies and/or daycare centers. If you go the nanny route, you can get a background check done for an additional fee.
- If you want someone who can drive, they may need you to supply the vehicle and definitely gas money. You can see how this could get even more pricey.
- What you see on the website may or may not be what you get, so be sure to not put all your eggs in one basket.

Hope this helps!

This is a spreadsheet I have used to organize my list of daycare centers in the areas. Feel free to download and use. Just click the link: HERE

Good luck!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hope you had a great holiday weekend! Friday at 5PM kicked off my vacation week. I'm not ashamed to say I was VERY eager. Saturday, the kids got their Easter baskets and we went to an egg hunt at a local church. They had a blast!

Afterwards, I ran out to buy the kids' outfits for church the next day - can you say "procrastinator"? Next, I caught up with a med school friend (Dr. Andrea Tooley) over Skype for a video interview on her blog. I posted about my chat with her on an earlier post. The night ended with a cozy dinner at home and then Smore's outside - so yummy!

Sunday was cool and rainy, but it didn't stop us from making it to church. I am trying to get back into the habit of going to church again. We found a great one. Weekend calls have been a big obstacle to this, but I'm tired of feeling so out of sync with a part of me that is a BIG deal. Just like everything else, it's so nice to feel connected. I am so, so thankful for forgiveness, The Cross, and The Resurrection.

I'm excited to spend the week with my babies. We have no special plans, and that is okay with me!

Have a great Monday! You can find links to the kids' outfits {or similar finds} below.

Check Out My Interview with Dr. Andrea Tooley!

Over the weekend, I had a blast catching up with one of my medical school classmates, Dr. Andrea Tooley. Andrea is a first year ophthalmology resident at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. She also started blogging in medical school. She is such a sweet person - in addition to a huge inspiration when it comes to healthy living, eating, and fitness.

Here is Part I of my interview where I talk about all things OB/GYN. Part II is coming soon and we talk about balancing motherhood and medical school/residency. Hope you like it! I realized this morning that I forgot to talk about Urogynecology...I guess I was more nervous than I thought LOL

I didn't think I would have so much fun doing a video, and since I didn't look like a total dork (LOL), I'm thinking about doing some YouTube videos of my own. Let me know what you would want to hear about!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy Resurrection Sunday to you and yours.

I think I post this picture on my pages every year, because I love it so much...

He is risen!!!


Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Motivation Mash-Up

Happy Monday Friends!

Here are some of my favorite motivational posts from {Pinterest} this week!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

#TBT Happy Match Week!!!

Two years ago I matched at my dream program. {You can read all about my Match Week: Here} This Friday, medical students across the country are finding out where they will be training in their specialty of choice. 

To all the fourth year medical students reading, you should be so proud of yourselves for how far you have come! Sit back and enjoy this moment and the awesomeness of your day. There is nothing like it - although, I can imagine that Match Day emotions are comparable to the feeling you get when you have paid off all of your student loans :insert shout music: 

Looking back on these pictures brings back all the warm fuzzies from the day. The kiddos have grown so much!

Little Nate announcing that we were headed to UNC!

Team Mrs. Mommy M.D.!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Motivation Mash-Up

Happy Monday Friends!

Here are some of my favorite motivational posts from {Pinterest} this week!

Have a great week!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week Re-cap!

This week flew by!

On Wednesday, my M&M presentation went great and then at noon our team handed off our phones and pagers to the attendings so that we could have our annual resident retreat. 

The weather could not have been any better. This whole week has been beautiful. As homesick as I get, I cannot deny that I love the North Carolina climate.... I am convinced my mood is directly proportional to the temperature and inversely proportional to the number of hours I have left on call - HA!

We started with a team lunch at this delicious Sushi & Burger spot called CowFish in Raleigh.

Lunch with my fab team
Then we met up with the rest of the residents at the bowling alley.

The next four hours were spent with my class, outside (as you can tell, we are all starving for Vitamin D) at this adorable coffee shot as we came up with our schedules for THIRD YEAR. I cannot believe it! I feel like we just got here...Then the whole program and their famlies got together for dinner in downtown Durham. It was a great day!

I got my new necklace this week that I talked about in this post: link. I love it! 

Currently finishing up my weekly ritual of laundry and cleaning the house. Now all I need is some motivation for working out...

This week I start my Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility rotation with UNC Fertility. I'm going to miss the OB-heavy service at Wake, but this will be a great learning experience on treating menstrual cycle irregularities and how to help couples who are battling infertility. I'm really excited! After that I will have been through all the subspecialties of OB/GYN.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Motivation Mash-up

It's Monday again, let's be great!

Here are some of my favorite motivation-inspiring quotes from Pinterest:

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

And... It's March.

I mean, could this year go by any faster?!

Since we have entered 2016, every time I fill out a new week in my planner, it is time to turn the page.

This lazy Saturday was brought to you by Netflix & Amazon Prime
This weekend was kind of a wash. I have been feeling under the weather since Thursday, so I didn't have high hopes. The hubs had to work yesterday so me and the kids played "Play indoors while Mommy lays on the couch and drinks tea", and aside from my usual laundry and vacuum routine, Sunday was spent in bed. I'm hoping all the sleep I caught up on helps with my speedy recovery. We all know the show must go on!

The great news is that I have only two more 24 hour calls and I have finished my time on one of the toughest rotations as a second year. The things we have seen - fibroids causing severe anemia, obstetrical emergencies, rare complications of preeclampsia, unexplained antenatal complications - have been awesome for my learning. No matter how hard the day or exhausted I felt, it was a great rotation and I am so thankful for my wonderful team and attendings.

This Wednesday I am giving a presentation to the department called M&M. This type of presentation is when you present any interesting cases or complications. The goal is that everyone can learn and discuss if there were any alternative ways we could have treated a patient, or avoided an outcome. It is done across different types of residency programs, and for us, every week when you are a fourth year resident. We get to do it now kind of as practice, but still a big deal.

Here is a look at my To Do list for the next few weeks:

  1. Work on Resident Research Day Project
  2. Solidify plan for Step 3 - costs, study schedule, test date
  3. Review new daycare options for Isabelle 
  4. Clean out the kids closets, again 
  5. Schedule my own check-up, dentist appointment, etc. 
  6. Start planning for Hubby's birthday - April 9th 
P.S. I've seen a lot of new cases of the flu over the last few weeks, so make sure you are washing your hands everyone! 

OK. PSA done. Back to bed I go! 

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