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Sunday, March 6, 2016

And... It's March.

I mean, could this year go by any faster?!

Since we have entered 2016, every time I fill out a new week in my planner, it is time to turn the page.

This lazy Saturday was brought to you by Netflix & Amazon Prime
This weekend was kind of a wash. I have been feeling under the weather since Thursday, so I didn't have high hopes. The hubs had to work yesterday so me and the kids played "Play indoors while Mommy lays on the couch and drinks tea", and aside from my usual laundry and vacuum routine, Sunday was spent in bed. I'm hoping all the sleep I caught up on helps with my speedy recovery. We all know the show must go on!

The great news is that I have only two more 24 hour calls and I have finished my time on one of the toughest rotations as a second year. The things we have seen - fibroids causing severe anemia, obstetrical emergencies, rare complications of preeclampsia, unexplained antenatal complications - have been awesome for my learning. No matter how hard the day or exhausted I felt, it was a great rotation and I am so thankful for my wonderful team and attendings.

This Wednesday I am giving a presentation to the department called M&M. This type of presentation is when you present any interesting cases or complications. The goal is that everyone can learn and discuss if there were any alternative ways we could have treated a patient, or avoided an outcome. It is done across different types of residency programs, and for us, every week when you are a fourth year resident. We get to do it now kind of as practice, but still a big deal.

Here is a look at my To Do list for the next few weeks:

  1. Work on Resident Research Day Project
  2. Solidify plan for Step 3 - costs, study schedule, test date
  3. Review new daycare options for Isabelle 
  4. Clean out the kids closets, again 
  5. Schedule my own check-up, dentist appointment, etc. 
  6. Start planning for Hubby's birthday - April 9th 
P.S. I've seen a lot of new cases of the flu over the last few weeks, so make sure you are washing your hands everyone! 

OK. PSA done. Back to bed I go! 

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