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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time for a New Schedule

As stated earlier, something is off, and I need to rework my schedule a bit... I took the same layout I had in the PreMed Life "Day in the Life" article, and made it applicable to how I want to change things up for the next test. If I post it on the blog it will make me more accountable, right? 

6:00AM:  Wake up and quietly get dressed before it is time to get the little one up - who recently has been getting up on his own at 6:30. If I have enough time to pack our lunches I'll do this now too.

6:30AM: Wake up Natey and get him ready...

6:50AM: Move to the kitchen to fix a quick breakfast for me and the little. (Hubby has been handling this role before he leaves at 6:30 by fixing me an omelette and toast...such a doll) Natey likes waffles :-)

7:00AM: We’re out the door and on the way to daycare.

7:15AM: Walk Nate to his classroom and leave after a big kiss and hug.

7:20AM: Back on the road to campus for class.

7:45AM: Park. Go get coffee - this is only if I don’t bring some from home, but some mornings require espresso…

8:00AM: Settle in a study room and start studying until the first recorded lecture goes up at 9AM

9AM-12PM: Class. I am going to try not physically going to class from now on. I am hoping I am more engaged and productive because I will minimize all distract and make sure that I don't space out...not being there = more engaged. How ironic...

12:00PM: **WORKING** Lunch. No time for casual convo anymore...

1:00PM-until: Lecture, Lab or ICM stuff 

Depending on the day, I will either be done with class at 5PM or 3PM. Whatever the case, I will stay at school and continue to study. 

7:00PM: Dinner. Spend time with the family and start getting the little one ready for bed.

9:00PM: Do anything I have remaining to do in order to get ready for the next day.

11:00PM (12 at the latest): BED. The End. 

**Somewhere in there I need to also fit in hubby time...I think I will also have to declare a moratorium on social media between the hours of 9-9...or in general :-/ Oh and I won't be watching any shows on the days they actually air...

Alright come on, let's do it!! :Natey voice:
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