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Monday, October 10, 2011

Keeping My Face in the Sunshine

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow" - Hellen Keller

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Pastor Ramsey is finishing up his series on changing your attitude about life. I haven't physically been in church in over a month - epic fail, I know. But I have been streaming in, and yesterday little Nate and I actually went. Even when I end up down in the toddler play room, I still walk out blessed. After my exams, I was feeling quite defeated and everyone has been telling me to put things into perspective - i.e. the hubs and my mom. So Sunday just reinforced everything that was already said to me (the fact that I needed to snap out of it).

The following are some of my notes from the series:
  • "You are what you THINK" - your attitude projects your future.  
  • Anger and bitterness are sins too, and God will judge you based on that.  
  • You have to see that if your attitude is off, it may be sinful.  
  • You may not be able to change where you work (*cough* or what grade you get on your exam despite how hard you think you studied) but you can change your attitude.   
  • Your attitude will either lift your to the next level or prevent you from getting your promise. 
  •  You do not live your life based on the script that you wrote. You live it based on the script that HE wrote. 
  •  Don't claim God's promise if you can't trust God's process.  
  •  Real faith involves trust, and trust involves being at peace.
  •  Let the peace of God rule in your heart. YOUR peace is YOUR decision! 
  •  When you submit yourself to God's peace, you can't be frustrated.   
  • Bitter, angry, and disappointed people push the very people away that can help them to change their situation - bitterness clouds our eyes. 
  •  Frustration hinders your ability to be thankful. (THIS.)
  •  A relationship with God will restore my identity. 
Happy Monday! Be blessed and encouraged! Even the best of us get the wrong attitude at times, but we can't stay there...

I heard once that God isn't going to do things for us that He gave us the power to do ourselves - so I'm taking responsibility for my attitude.
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