The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: Why Medical School is Easier Than Being a Parent
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Why Medical School is Easier Than Being a Parent

Well, today is the day I am back to the daily class grind for the first time since May. It's all out until graduation, so I would really appreciate your prayers!

This post back in June got me thinking about the comparison between medical school and being a parent. So just for fun, here's what I came up with:

10. When sitting somewhere for a long period of time, you don't have to bring with you an abundance of snacks, books, toys, and other distractive devices - in addition to anything you may need for yourself. Although sometimes we do try to distract ourselves from falling asleep in lectures...

9. Stinky odors stay in the anatomy lab, and they are not your responsibility to get rid of.

8. You don't have to make sure you have a "nap time blanket" washed and packed every Sunday night for the week...

7. Wearing the tools of the trade (i.e. white coat, stethoscope, etc.) make people automatically assume you know stuff, but carrying/wearing mommy "tools" (i.e. diaper bag, bottle, comfortable shoes) makes people tell you that you look tired -_-

Gee, thanks...

6. Everyone understands the concept of personal space.

5. After lunchtime, no one starts getting extremely irritable, unable to make decisions, or do any work until they take at least an hour nap.

4. Your patients don't come home with you, sleep in your bed, and wipe their snot on your shirt.

3. At the end of the four years, you start getting a $alary for doing what you do.

2. No one asks you when you're going to add "another med school" to the mix, and you feel no pressure to do so...

1. There is no curve, and if you fail a class (opposed to parenting), you can do it over at least once before they kick you out...

Chris Rock said his job as a father is to keep his girls "off the pole" LMBO Parenting is such a challenging job and unlike in medical school, your performance on raising your child is not curved based on the performance of your peers.

Happy Back to School!!
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