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Saturday, August 27, 2011

This Week I...

So I definitely don't have time to write more than probably two posts a week...and that is being generous. This recap will have to suffice in the meantime ;-)

Monday: Completed one of my longest and most detailed patient histories ever - it was at least 45minutes long! And to top it off, I took vitals on a patient too! This is a milestone in my career since this is the first time it was someone who was not related to me or a friend LOL

Tuesday: When I got to class at 8AM (our first 8AM class this year) for Genetics, two of my friends made comments about how they weren't able to make lunch for themselves because they didn't have enough time. I jokingly told them to get it together, because not only had I made my own lunch, I dressed and fed a toddler breakfast, got myself ready, made his lunch, dropped him off at school, and made it to class with time to spare. Boom.

Wednesday: Learned how to suture on a pig's foot! We learned 5 different techniques, and I definitely need some more practice...LOL My favorite technique, The Vertical Metress, is pictured.
And after that day, I started thinking about a career in plastic surgery...hmmm

Thursday: Attended the first SNMA meeting of the year! I am recording secretary, but I also signed up to be Social Chair and on the Sunshine Committee (whose duties include spreading good cheer and motivation to our members throughout the year)...I would have signed up for more, but I am notorious for spreading myself too thin...

Friday: Stayed home with my croupy Love Bug. So glad I did because I can already tell that he is feeling much better. His cough is less "sealy", his apetite is coming back, and his voice isn't as hoarse.

Welp, that's everything in a nut shell. Lots of studying to do this weekend...My first quiz is Wednesday and I have a Neuro web exam next weekend. LEGGO!

Shout out to my brother Josh for moving into his freshman dorm on Wednesday, for Jordan on winning his first football game last night, and to Carey just because he is awesome too!! #BigSisterPride :-)

Don't forget to send your prayers for everyone on the East Coast as they brave hurricane Irene!
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