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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Here We Go!

Well, if you hadn't noticed from the lack of activity around here - even my "pre-fab" posts like "Wordless Wednesday" and "Grateful Friday" got no love - it's been tight over here folks....

Last week was exhausting to say the least. We had NO type of transitional period whatsoever. Aside from the traditional first day introductions, all of our classes dove right in - we even interviewed patients!

Here's what I did on my first day as an M2:

9AM: Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM) Lecture
10AM: Neuroscience Lecture
11AM: Lunch
12PM: Pathology Lecture
1-4PM: ICM Small Group at the Hospital

My boo Lauren and I on the way to the hospital

Lauren, Jakoda, and I on the first day - so official!

This was pretty much our schedule the whole week - aside from afternoons being flipped flopped for pathology lab. This week we start Genetics too.

I have noticed that although this is going to be a crazy hectic year, every class that we are taking now is clinically relevant to the everyday practice of medicine. Yes, Biochemistry and CMB are full of principles we need to be good clinicians, but this year it just seems so much more hands-on. For example, right now we are learning about Psychiatry in ICM, and on Friday, a patient with schizophrenia came in to speak with us and allowed us to do a mental status exam. SUPER interesting!

Natey did great with the new schedule. We have been getting up a lot earlier than needed (like around 6AM) because this upcoming week I have to be in class at 8AM,  and wanted to get used to it ahead of time. I think a big part of why the mornings have been going well is because we decided to get Direct TV, and The Fresh Beat Band (one of Nate's absolute favs) comes on at 6:30. This is perfect timing, because he'll dance right out of bed for them :-D

Aside from being deliriously tired when I get home, I, of course, have a big case of "Mommy Guilt" because of how long he is at daycare compared to how long he is at home. I have to drop him off at daycare around 7:30 and I wasn't able to pick him up until 4. This week, I'll be staying at school after class for a bit, so his Dad will have to get him and that won't be until after 5 :-(


Well, I think overall it was a pretty good first week, and I know it's going to be a great year :-)

In the words of the Fresh Beats, "Here we go!" :-D

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