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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things My Toddler Says...

Offering me a snack: "Mommy have it? Yes?"
Translation: Do you want some mom?

"I luu you mommy" (in a dinosaur voice)

"I'm Nathan superman!"

"I'm bacon Nathan!" - insert any other thing he is doing/eating, and you see where this is going...

Anyone to Nate: "How are you?"
Nate: (holding up two fingers) "I'm two!"

When I'm taking pictures, if I tell him to say "ice cream!" his smiles are bigger, but now he says, "Ice cream cheese!" LOL

"Owww Mommy! I hit my head on the carpet!"

As told by his Da: Nate was playing with his toys while big Nate was on the couch, and he stops playing, runs over, gives him a big hug, and says, "Da, I happy!"

At the zoo last week, the baby monkey kept running away from it's mom. Nate's reaction in a VERY serious voice: "That monkey's in trouble! He no listen!"

Saturday he walked up to me and said, "Mommy, my name is Nathan Johnson" and just walked away. We've been working on this, and I am so proud!

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