The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: What does 23 Look Like?
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What does 23 Look Like?

Sometimes I forget how old I am because my life is what most would consider a bit more

Sometimes I feel like I went from carefree teenager to full blown woman over night.

This isn't very surprising since I spent my 21st birthday at dinner with my family sipping guiltily on lemonade because I was expecting.

THIS is what 23 looks like on Rhianna.

Don't even get me started on what motherhood of twins AND 40 looks like on J.Lo

Even at 52, Barbie has more pizzazz...

If it was up to the media we would all be made to feel like an epic fail. Don't get me wrong, I would gladly accept a team of sylists, make-up artists, chefs, trainers, and air-brushers so I could walk out everyday feeling flawless, but it feels good to know that I don't need all that to feel good about myself and what 24 will look like on me next month.
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