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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blogging for M-E.

It's so ironic that when I am knee-deep in things I have to do for school, I can come up with millions of things to blog about. But, now, with very few pressing time commitments, I have had more than one full week of writers block.

This summer, like most long periods of free-time I am blessed enough to get, I have been self-reflecting, A LOT.

This writer's block may be because I felt like what I have to say isn't very interesting. It didn't fit into the "Mrs. Mommy M.D." category, so I figured no one would care.

As time goes on, my blog continues to evolve - it was started as the digital baby book I never finished, then I realized that inevitably, my thoughts on marriage would surface, and when school started I talked about medical school too. Now, it feels like a scrapbook and journal all in one. But, I am starting to realize that I am unintentionally leaving the most important part of my life out of my blog - the "Me" part. Sure, the Mrs. Mommy M.D. is me too, but I'm referring to the Jasmine "no other roles, twenty-something woman" me.

At first, just my family and close friends read it, then friends I hadn't spoken to in years told me they were reading, and then my friends' parents, and then women I had never "met" in the literal sense started responding just because they identified with the struggle journey of being a wife, a mother, or both, or they too aspired to go to professional school. The support I have gotten from everyone who visits is so touching and I wish I could personally thank you all.

I have realized how therapeutic blogging has been for me. This blog is like my frequent mental detox where I can unload all the events of the day, parental concerns, wifely epiphanies, etc. The truth is, this is nothing new for me. I have kept written journals for as long as I could remember. It all started with this little pink diary I got in first grade. It had a gold "lock", and I would hide it inside my pillowcase - because that's what girls on TV did with their secret thought-filled diaries. Even then, I would talk about my experience in first grade...Reading that now (yes, I still have ALL my journals) is hilarious because of the spelling and also, because of what constituted a "crisis" in my six year old world...

From then to date, I have filled at least 4 journals. I even kept a "blog" years ago - if that's what you could even call my Xanga account (:pause: ...I know, right?) I discovered today that it is still open...Just did a little peruse through that one. HILAR.

The blessing in my blogging journey is that through my rambling, reflecting, or whatever you may call this I have had the opportunity to help someone else - even if it's just because when they read they know they are not alone. Or they can simply learn from my mistakes.

So in addition to everything else, I think I'm going to try and start talking a lot more about me. Just the Jasmine me. And I hope that it can still help someone. And I hope I don't bore my readers - but I think that it will be fine, because my first and only "about me" post and testimony page have both had the greatest amount of traffic to date (with the Royal Wedding in second LOL)...

I hope you keep reading :-)
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