The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: Royal Wedding Anyone?
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Anyone?

If you hadn't noticed already, today is international royal wedding day.

So even though I wanted to wake up at 4AM and watch it from the beginning, it did not quite work out that way (my body was like "Chick, please"). But I did wake up in time to see the bride get into the car for the drive to the church. All of the media coverage has definitely made me want to add London to my list of places to visit because everything was beautiful and all of the history would be so awesome to see!

Kate's dress (and her sister's) was gorgeous! And even the hubs admitted that Prince Will and Prince Harry looked sweet in their uniforms. I must note that Disney is pretty accurate in their prince attire because they looked straight out of Cinderella to me...

Today the Bishop said that "Every wedding is a royal wedding..." I just love weddings...Royals or not, it's so touching to see two people in love :-) My heart melted when Will turned to Kate after seeing her for the first time, and told her she looked beautiful... :sigh:

I learned today that in England they do not do a huge bridal party of women and men like in America. Instead, they will traditionally have children as attendants (little ones in weddings are always adorable), and the maid of honor and girls dress in white as a tribute to the bride...So cool!

I told the hubs that seeing all the coverage of Will and Kate in the carriage reminded me of our carriage ride downtown to dinner after our wedding many people we passed were honking, waving, and yelling out their congratulations - in that moment I definitely felt like a princess :-)

It's so nice that everyone is so happy for them and rooting for the newlyweds...With so many negative things in the media about marriage these days, this is truly a breath of fresh air - love will always have the power to unite us all.

I think this kept the Prince Charming dream alive for little girls everywhere... There is a little bit of princess inside all of us girls - even if you don't end up marrying a real prince...

And that little girl is HILARIOUS! Clearly she could not care less about marrying a prince because the 1 million+ people outside cheering for them was too much for her...LOL

Happy Friday!!
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