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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Working on My Fitness...

Welp, our bathroom scale informed me that it's time to get serious about my diet again :-/

Did you know that a region in the hypothalamus is what tells our bodies that we are hungry (via ghrelin) or satisfied (via leptin - wish I could get a safe dietary supplement of that somewhere lol)? I currently feel like my hunger center is on overload. I absolutely love to eat, so as a result, I cannot stand dieting. Like even the though of it makes me irritable and hungry...School makes things no easier. The stress in general makes you want to eat. Plus, staying up late means that inevitably you will get that "fourth meal" hunger pang. And, unless I want to tote around Lean Cuisines for lunch, and late dinners everyday, plus an abundance of healthy, low-calorie snacks, I am left to the devices of a 24hr McDonalds next door, or the cafeteria with a delightful days such as: made-to-order pasta bar or taco salad, and HUGE & DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookies served daily...yum

Needless to say, my caloric intake much exceeds my expenditure... :sigh:

Over the past months I have moved further and further away from how I looked at our wedding (which is by far one of my best "weights")... I need to lose about 10lbs by May so that when we take a vacation (hoping Miami for the anniversary) or go to the beach, I am not sulking about all of the Girl Scout cookies I inhaled during the winter...

I recently purchased 5 yoga sessions at a place in Indy, and I am going to start my gym membership this week. Spring break will be a great time for me to get the ball rolling...I know I can do this because I did it before. I just need a strong dose of renewed will-power.

Other than eating constantly (LOL)...I think I have been doing a great job of making sure that I take some time out to take care of my own wellness, but I need to spend more time alone with God. The craziness of life has pulled me in so many directions, but I never should be too busy to build my relationship with Him. Spring break is about to be a week of refreshing for me I think. I need to polish/amend some behaviors ( :cough: portion control and snacking :cough:) and maybe start some new ones. I definitely need to start here.

Pumpkin slept in his big boy bed from 9PM until 4AM yesterday!!!

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  1. Hi Jasmine. You know I love wellness stuff and applaud (sp) women, especially mom's who take care of themselves and make time for fitness. I know you can do it! You are a determined lady. I am here to you support you! Love you sis!


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