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Friday, March 4, 2011

Running on "E"

First exam down. Two more to go, and then restful spring break bliss! All week I have felt like I am running on empty...Not having any rest last weekend is still having an effect on me :-/

We are so happy and thankful to be out of the old apartment. Every night we have sat down around the table together for dinner, and it is by far becoming my favorite part of the day. It's amazing how much you don't realize how much the little things like that can relax you at the end of a busy day... (I might have already mentioned this, if I have it's because I am A: exhausted and B: because I love it lol...)

The little one is going through a "phase". I would call it the infamous "Terrible Twos" but I am not going to speak that nonsense into existence. My mom thinks that he is just learning to use his voice, but I think it is a little more than that. Now, instead of the falling out tantrums (although, they still occur as well), he has decided to look us right in the eye and say "No! I don't want it!." The "it" he is referring to is usually with regards to when we tell him to stop doing something or that he has to do something. At first, I was excited to have him using his words but this got really old, fast.

On a cuter note, his favorite song right now is "Wheels on the Bus" we sing it on the way to school when he points out "big bus" - you don't realize how many you see in the morning until you have a toddler pointing them ALL out to And he is starting to recognize all of his own accomplishments by following them up with a "I did it!" - even if mom and dad end up helping him or doing most of the work (ex: when he watched his Da from the window finally get the Mustang up to our new garage he yelled: "I did it!"...LOL)
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