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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Busy, Busy Week

So last weekend was the big move!!!! Well, sort of. We only moved about a mile away from our old apartment, but we love our new home! It really is the perfect fit for us

Special shout out to the mother-in-law and sister-in-law for coming down from Michigan to keep our Pumpkin and helping us with the move. Also, special shout out to one of my classmates and neighbor for helping the Hubby move the big stuff. We definitely couldn't have done it without them. God is so good and we are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

I have already done a lot of unpacking, but the bulk of my organizing will happen over spring break when I don't have to worry about school work. I am so ready for the warm weather to get here so Pumpkin can play outside in the yard and we can entertain guests!!!

In other news, I have a Physio quiz Thursday and the second exam block of the semester begins on Friday with Histology (then Physio on Tuesday and Micro on Friday). Because of the move I was unable to do anything related to school Friday through Sunday, which kind of stressed me out yesterday when I had to watch 6 lectures during the day. Since we don't have the internet yet at home, I decided to start my day at Starbucks which was a nice change of scenery (and expresso) and I ended it at the public library. Pumpkin was wired when he came home from school. I wasn't. And the Hubby fell asleep early because he is still getting over being sick and the fact that we pushed ourselves too hard this weekend with lack of sleep - I'm just going to ignore the tingle I feel building up in my throat :-/ no colds for me! But anyway, by 8PM I was beyond exhausted, but somehow I pressed through and was able to go to bed after making a respectable amount of headway in my histology studying...

Today, we are going to a retirement home to talk to men and women about the "older adult" stage of life. In this class (ICM) we discuss patient interactions and the various stages of life to better understand different perspectives. So far we have done visits to daycare, high school, and had a "middle aged" person talk to our group. We pretty much get to interview them about what life is like, their impressions on aging, what we should know about getting older, etc. This should be a little more interaction based than our trip to the daycare center where we watched kids play (I really wanted to do an "at-home" session and call it a

I really like interacting with older people, and kids, and adults (at times) so I want to find a specialty that allows me to see everyone....

Below is a movie of Pumpkin and his cousin out having fun with his grandma and auntie while mommy and daddy were moving...They need to make one of these places for grown ups...


  1. Sounds fun. I can't wait to come visit once it gets warm and let you entertain me in the backyard and have hubs hook up dinner for us on the grill. :-)

  2. so super proud of you sands. your really making it happen. love ya!


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