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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good Life...

I am so proud of myself for totally committing to spring break...LOL

Yesterday the little one and I slept in (a bit), and then we got him dressed and ready for school and me for my workout. Morning workouts are my favorite not only because of getting it out of the way, but also because I have the gym mostly to myself - which includes all the good machines :-D

Afterwards, I had an appointment with a bubble bath, and later with my neighborhood nail technician...

:pause for music video:

Finally, I made a lovely meal for my Nates (mini meatloaf) and then caught up on my Oprah. With dinner ready and myself well on my way to full rejuvenation, I picked up Pumpkin from school and we played until his Da came home - he wasl a little cranky from his sleep schedule being off from the weekend, but we still had some good times :-)

Today has been a rainy day and a little more chill...morning workout, did some administrative things to try and get my summer plans in order, and then I went to my first yoga class!! It was GREAT! I've still been having back pain off and on, and I walked out of there feeling good, feeling great :-D

I need to get started on the house today too. Stay tuned!

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  1. What do you know about that song?? LOL! So excited you are enjoying your spring break and taking time to take care of you!


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