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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Nancy's Feel Good Fables **REVIEW**

Today is National Reading Day! This is a big month for mother-daughter duo Nancy and Sara Ganz, because it is also the release of the first book in their new children’s book series Nancy's Feel Good Fables

Tina Searches for Her Dream is a story about resilience, empowerment and confidence. When Nancy’s children were young, she began writing stories to teach them essential life lessons.  Each book in the “Nancy’s Feel Good Fables” collection covers topics like self-love, perseverance, empathy, and confidence and their favorite 12 will be released over the next few years. 

The books are geared towards children age 3-7 years old, but the content I think is relevant to kids of all ages. The cool thing about these books is that you can choose your hero to look like you. Tina comes in 3 different skin tones so that each reader has the opportunity to see themselves in the main character. So awesome!

In talking to Nancy and Sara Ganz about the book, I could feel their passion for making sure all children feel represented. And the details show. In reading the book, I was struck in the care they took to make sure every ballerina in the story had nude shoes that were not “one shade for all”. Even that sends a message to ALL children. We all can be the hero no matter what we look like. We are all enough. 

This past year especially, we are all looking for ways to connect as a family and these books created an opportunity to have a great discussion with my kids about a lot of the emotions we are all feeling right now. Talking about feeling all of our emotions and processing them - even the not-so-fun ones - is a part of healthy growth and development. 

“What is your dream? It’s never too late to find it. Tina Searches for Her Dream takes children on a journey toward self-love, confidence and purpose.”

Tina learns that it is OK to not be the best at everything because everyone experiences disappointment, but if you keep moving forward and taking a chance trying new things, you will find something that you were made for. 

You know I love a good story about following your dreams - that is why I created my blog - and it is so SO  important that children hear messages like these early. 

To get the word out about their book release, Nancy and Sara would like to give a free book to one of my followers! Check out my Instagram post for details on how to enter!

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