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Friday, February 19, 2021

Everyday Sabbatical **Collab**

During the holidays, I learned about a clothing brand called Everyday Sabbatical.

Everyday Sabbatical is a woman owned company {Yaaaaaas} the mission is simple and the website says it all: 

Dress for the life you live. Today and every day...Where's the fashion for the kick-ass boss running from one meeting to the next? Where's the fashion for the working mom moving from office to grocery store to carpool to home and back to the office again? Where's the fashion for the global travelers? The community leaders? The avid gardeners? The lifelong learners? The it-takes-a-village-ers?  And what if they are the same woman?”

I mean....seriously. THIS. RIGHT. HERE. 

For me clothing has to be equal parts fashionable, comfortable, and able to transition from clinic visits, to presentations, to happy hours, to running errands with the kids. When I tried on Mini’s designs for the first time, I quickly realized that she met all the requirements and then some. 

I felt comfortable, sexy, and modern in my outfits. You know, I am in that in-between-age where I am not the Forever 21 demographic anymore, but I am also not ready to embrace my mom’s closet. Trust, I am striving for the Michelle Obama in burgundy at the 2021 inauguration swag, but don’t want to overly mature my fashion too soon. 

In keeping with the awesome mission, the website showcases the looks on women of all colors and body types. Swoon! When I talked to the founder, MIni, about this, she said that she wanted the models to look like her friends and her friends aren’t just one race, ethnicity, or body type. 

I’m a customer for life and so excited to share Everyday Sabbatical with ya’ll! I think Mini really nailed it!

I was able to try a few outfits including the “24/7 pants” and a matching “effortless long sleeve shirt” in this beautiful color called “Peacock”. The fabrics are so soft, light and breathable. I felt like I was secretly wearing PJs…but looked like I was ready to take on my day.

A person in a blue dress

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the “effortless sleeveless top” in gray…which went great with my jeans but I feel like I could have just as easily paired it with a skirt or dress pants. 

A person standing in front of a building

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and the “everywhere dress” in black. I’m still a sucker for dresses with pockets so obviously this was also a win. 

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A person in a black dress

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I love ALL of the pieces, but my absolute surprise favorite was the peacock set. Never in 1 million years would I have picked this bright color on my own, but now I want more of it. I mean I feel like I am serving “Oh hello, Better Homes and Gardens, welcome to my home. I didn’t know you were coming but I have a charcuterie board prepared already” vibes...

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Check out an interview I did with Mini on her blog {here}. Such a great time chatting with her not only about the clothes, but also what it means to wear many hats while surviving in a pandemic...I mean where do we even begin?!

Also, if you would love to win a FREE effortless top for yourself, check out the Everyday Sabbatical giveaway in honor of International Women's Day on March 8th!

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