The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: Literati Kids Subscription Box **REVIEW**
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Friday, March 5, 2021

Literati Kids Subscription Box **REVIEW**

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I try to stay away from subscription boxes. Mainly because I am always decluttering and I have yet to find a subscription box that actually includes all-item winners. Instead, they end up stacked in our closet. This was before I was introduced to Literati and their kids’ book subscription boxes. 

Literati has been named “best kid’s book subscription” by Oprah Magazine, USA Today, and Time. There are even awesome little bonuses in the boxes like - personalized book-cessories (like cute labels), art posters, and stickers! Isabelle is growing into an avid reader {literally going through 1-2 books a week} and this surprise package was so exciting for us both! 

To keep kids engaged, there are new themes every month. And what I love most is that the books feature heroes of all colors, ages, shapes, and sizes because more than ever, our kids need to see characters that look like them AND the diversity around them. 

Here is a peek at our first box (theme: imagination): 

A Boy Called Bat

Stick Dog

Big Questions from Little People

Legend of the Star Runner

National Parks of the US Activity Book 

Isabelle was an immediate fan of the book label and bookmark. Get 25% off your own subscription here:

Each box includes 5 age-appropriate books, for kids 0-17 years, every month (or quarterly) for $9.95. Once your little reader decides which ones they like, you keep the ones that were a hit and send back the ones that weren’t! Super easy!

The books are competitively priced (they try to keep them at or under what you would find on Amazon). You even get a prepaid return shipping label to keep returns simple. 

Check out Literati and get 25% off your book order at the following link:

I am excited to share  our Literati Kids subscription experience over  the next few months! #LiteratiAmbassador

The books were a hit and spot on for her age!

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