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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Day in the Life: GYN ONC

I've gotten quite a few questions on my hours as a resident. It varies by rotation... So, I thought it would make a great series of "Day in the Life" post!

The GYN ONC team consists of a PGY4, PGY3, and an intern (PGY1). It is a 7-8 week block for everyone.

Our census averages between 10-20 patients at any given time during the week. The upper level residents are mainly in the ORs all week - we are fortunate to have a ton of exposure to open and laparoscopic/robotic surgery at our hospital. We don't have any clinic during ONC, but the intern has a half-day of continuity clinic and a half-day of dysplasia clinic.

The intern is the Olivia Pope of the service, making sure the day-to-day floor work, critical post-operative care, and social work business of our patients gets "handled". Ya'll, not all heroes wear capes...

Here is a look at what my schedule was like as the GYN Oncology Chief this past summer/fall:

0415: Alarm goes off... I may or may not get up :Kayne Shrug:

0430-0445: Out of bed, find clothing by flashlight in an effort to not wake the hubby. Get dressed

0500: Out the door, take caffeine pill x1 (no time for coffee since I hit snooze 4 times EVERY. DAY.)

0535: Park

0545: Arrive on the floor, change into scrubs, and get sign out from the overnight resident (PGY2) on our patients

0550-0615: Round on my patients, update plans, write notes

On my way back to the floor
0615: Head to the Pre-operative area to meet our first OR case of the day, confirm consents are signed, mark their tummies if there is laterality, and answer any remaining questions

**The PGY3 and PGY4 have their own OR assignments made by the PGY4 at the beginning of each week**

0630: Run up to (really, I'm always running) normal rounds with the Attending, Fellows (2), residents, and medical students

**Med studs, THIS is when knowing how to execute succinct, clear, and relevant presentations comes in handy. You will shine as a student and you will shine as a resident ;-)** 

0730: Time for ORs!

1200-1500: Get lunch at some point in between cases during this chunk of time

**On Wednesdays, we have our didactics, Grand Rounds, or M&M, so we leave the ORs around 1300, and get back to the floors around 1700**

1700-1800: Finish up in the OR and head back to the floor to help tuck-in any day time work

1800: Sign-out to the Nights resident

1830-1900: Head home!

1830-1900: Head home!

**Daycare/Before-School Care drop-offs are long after I leave for work so I am not around for the morning hustle on this block. I also usually can't get out in time for pick up - 6PM for the big kid and 6:30PM for daycare**

1900/1930: Home! Nate and the kids usually arrive 30min-1hr before I do.
- Some times we eat dinner together, but most of the time I miss it :-(
- If I am feeling ambitious (rare) I may try and fit in a 30min work out session as soon as I get home

2000: Wrangle kids for baths and bed

2030: Bedtime! Mainly for the kids, but I'm ready for bed by then too. If I have to prep for M&M or clinic, then I usually do this before bed.

Weekends: The PGY3 and PGY4 alternate on who will be responsible for rounding each weekend. This usually it takes 2-4 hours depending on the number of patients and what all has to be done - bedside procedures, consults, discharges...

Every other weekend we are on call during a Sunday-day shift (0800-1930).

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