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Monday, November 28, 2016

Things the Littles Say...

Happy Monday!

I haven't done one of these posts in a while because of the business of life, but the kids are still hilarious... Here are some of the recent highlights of my sweet, unfiltered children. 


N: Take a look Mom, I did my Christmas list.
M: Ok, thanks Nate
N: The background is red and I used red marker so look carefully...

THIS is what he handed me, ya'll...Thank you Target.
Note how he crossed out the title and wrote "Chrismas list"

N: My project is on the life cycle of the praying mantis...
I: Is that the SCIENTIST?! (Isabelle's interpretation of praying mantis)

N: That is fascinating!

I: Look at my bump! (points to birthmark)
N: (nonchalantly) Mom is a hospital worker. She can look at it. That's even better.

His love for football is unwavering despite my best efforts...
In reference to our Thanksgiving gathering...
D: We are having some people over for dinner, Nate,  so you have to clean up
N: Who is coming? Are we getting an inflatable? (this child asked if we were having a BOUNCE HOUSE on Thanksgiving...I can't)

(Isabelle starts crying and Nate picks her up)
N: I can lift up my sister because I have been doing Focus T25...

(At EVERY. SINGLE. football game we went to for his uncle)
N: Can we go on the field?

(Saturday when Michigan was losing)
N: I wish I was able to play for Michigan and we would be able to win...

(Isabelle crying at the top of her lungs)
M: Nate, what happened?
N: I was walking and she was hanging on to me and just fell... (I'm sure thats exactly how it went down)

Oh and Nate still calls a  "blanket" a "blanquet" I think its so cute I refuse to correct him.


I: (crying then sees tablet on the headboard and instantly stops crying) I want tablet.
Nate: No, Isabelle, you can't have any more table today
I: (very matter of factly) If you're not crying you can...

I: Mom, come sit beside me!

I: Mommy! You're the best. I love you so much... :swoon:

M: Did you have a good sleep?
I: Yes!
M: Did you have a good dream?
I: :Nods with a smile:
M: What did you dream about?
I: Jesus!

I: I'm boring! (meaning: I'm bored)

I: It's hot "wava" Nate! :jumps from the ottoman to the couch:

I: Mom! I thought you were at work! Come sit next to me!

I: These pajamas are too small
M: How do you know?
I: Let me look at the tag
M: What size are you?
I: I'm a tree! (three)

I: (After she puts on my sunglasses and pool pass) Look Mom! I'm smart and pretty like you!

And can we talk about how sweet my kids are on skates?! They didn't get this from me LOL

Hope this brings a smile to your Monday!

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