The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: Weekend Recap
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

Since my last update post, I have made my way through three different rotations...Ya'll, when I say this year feels like it is slipping right out of my hands, I mean it. 

Besides the fact that my To Do list is growing, which has me in a bit of a panic, I am in awe of how far into this exhausting process called residency I am. 

Friday, I worked on L&D as the intern, while our interns were able to get away for a much needed weekend retreat. It feels like it was just time for our intern retreat, and now we are helping to recruit the next incoming class for our chief year! Crazy!

Anyway, the third year residents are supposed to cover all the intern shifts on retreat weekend. Being the intern as a third year is way more fun than when you are the actual intern, but even as the fake intern, Friday was so busy. I came in to work Friday morning on the GYN service, and I just knew I would get to rest at some point, but I barely squeaked by with a 30 minute couch-nap in the board room. 

After an exhausting call, we went (read: Nate drove) to go see my little bro and his football team take the "W" at Davidson College. He was awesome and it was a great game!

We spent the night in Charlotte after the game, but really, it was all a blur. All I remember is the delicious burger I ate for dinner and being in an instant coma when I got under the covers. There is no tired like Residency-tired, folks. 

Sunday involved my usual routine of laundry, to-do list making, and finishing clinic notes left over from Friday. 

#90 in Beast Mode

Go Dawgs!

Nothing like a nap with biscuit in hand...

Hope Fall is treating you all well! I promise more content soon, especially for my Med Students and Med School hopefuls!

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