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Sunday, October 30, 2016

{Instagram} Recap

If you have been following me on Instagram, you know I have been working hard, but enjoying some extra time with the kiddos this month. {They are both getting so big!!!} Here's a quick look at what we have been up to...

A photo posted by Jasmine (@mrsmommymd) on

A photo posted by Jasmine (@mrsmommymd) on

Two weeks ago, Nate and I went to go see Love Jones The Musical when it came to the DPAC with some of my co-residents. The show was really cute, and it was a lot of fun to dress up and go out!

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A photo posted by Jasmine (@mrsmommymd) on

I'm one week away from being back on a regular 7am-5pm type schedule, but until then, I have been soaking in the mornings with school drop offs and a chance to get to sleep in a bit.

However, last week was CRAZY. I was on call overnight on Friday, and it was extremely busy.

Four oncology admissions later...

Saturday morning I was wiped out. Poor Natey had been picked up early on Friday after having a fever and when he went to the doc on Saturday, the confirmed strep throat. My little brother also had a bad injury during his football game, and all I wanted to do was get back home and be with him and the rest of my family. {He's doing better, but we appreciate all prayers!} I was a tough weekend to say the least.

By Monday, Natey was well enough to get back to school. Isabelle, however, had a stomach bug out of nowhere, which culminated with her getting sick on the way to school, like vomit all over the backseat sick.

Of course, we had no available back up plan for child care and I had to be at work in the afternoon. Most of the time I can keep it together, but after the difficult weekend, I was emotionally spent. My mommy guilt was on 100 when I had no choice but to take Isabelle to daycare that afternoon. Thankfully, she was feeling back to her normal self within an hour of being home that morning, and practically asking me to drop her off by the time we had to go, but it still felt like a parenting fail. I shed more than a few tears that day.

The rest of the week was fine and everyone was back to being strep/bug free. Nate didn't have school Thursday or Friday due to parent-teacher conferences so the kids just stayed home the rest of the week. On Friday, we took the kids to the dentist. Isabelle watched her little brother get his cleaning like a champ and then she did great too! First cleaning, YAY!

Getting that dental care like a boss...

After I headed to work, Nate and the kids hung out and he went to our Parent-Teacher conference for Natey - which was great! So proud of him.

This weekend, we had our first round of interviews for the resident class of 2021. I say it every year I cannot believe we are interviewing already. This year is especially important for my class because we are choosing our interns for when we are chiefs(!!!). So crazy, I'm going to be a chief next year!!! The interview day was loooong, but a lot of fun sharing with the applicants why we love our program at UNC. I know Match Day will be here before we know it. Good luck to all of you out there starting your interview season!

In other news, today we got out to rock the vote Johnson style. Go vote!!! #withHer

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Hope you all had a great weekend. Hope you all have an awesome start to your Novembers!
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