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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Second Year & "Potential Space"

Happy Sunday folks. Hope you all are keeping cool. I got off work this morning and it was already 80 degrees! Whew!

My days as a second year resident are numbered. The past few weeks have been pleasantly reflective and introspective for me. It doesn't help that the SICU life has me all in my emotions (in addition to the old school Aretha and Carole King blasting through my house right now).

But on a happier note, I think one of the biggest accomplishments of second year was not only learning SO MUCH and feeling more like I was not only effective and thriving at work, but also making it work for us at home. Work-life "balance" is unrealistic, but work-life INTEGRATION sure is something to shoot for...

A wise mama-doc that I work with is my role model when it comes to having her life in order and getting stuff done. I remember during intern year when I asked her how she managed to not only be a mom to a new baby, be a kick butt doctor, but also simultaneously bring baked goods to rounds, she shrugged and said, "time is a potential space". Meanwhile, I was just trying to make sure I kept my life afloat...

I loved the idea that time is what we make of it, and it has stuck with me throughout my whole second year of residency. I would like to think that I have stepped my game up over this past year (for us, residents, the "new year" starts in July) by taking that to heart - both in my personal and professional life...

I drive and listen to educational/journal lectures. 

I exercise and read, or catch up on emails, or current events, etc. 

I have cut back on social media browsing and used the time to blog, write, reflect, do something to add value to me and my life.

I go to work and find unique ways to let my babies know I am thinking of them and loving them. 

I savor and make the most of my post-call days when it came to my personal health (dentist, hair appointments, nails - haha don't judge me)

Right now, I may or may not be cooking spaghetti and blogging at the time :-) I can't remember the last time I actually cooked dinner, but that's besides the point... #WomenWithHusbandsWhoCook #Blessed

I think multitasking goes beyond work hours. Very few of us hold only one or two roles in life, and whether it's two roles or ten, we want to do them well and feel like we are being effective.

I took my last 24 hour call as a second year yesterday :fist pump:

I remember when I was just halfway done with medical school and now I am halfway done with residency. Time waits for no one, ya'll so make sure you spend it doing something you want to do...

Have a good night! Time for some spaghetti :-D

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