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Friday, May 27, 2016

Things the Littles Say....

Showing off his "Adventures of Jake" book series he authored
Happy Fridayyy!

You know what that means....I'm done with nights until I'm a chief!!!

I haven't done a post on the hilarious and cute things the kids have been doing, so here we go...

Nate -

Still calls a blanket a "blanquet". He was trying to calm Isabelle down on the way home in the middle of a tantrum when she thought we left her favorite blanket at school...
"It's ok Isabelle, when you get home I'll find your blanquet. How would you like it if someone took your blanquet by accident?"

Randomly, on the way home from school... "Mom, who was your first boyfriend before dad..." -_-

His favorite spot to eat is "Chic-fa-lay"

While I was on nights, the hubs put the kids in bed a little earlier. It was like 7:40 and their bedtime was 8:30...
Little Nate: "Isn't 7 smaller than 8? Does the clock go up or down? Our bedtime is 8:30 and it's 7:40..."
You want your kids to learn things like telling time, but I mean....

Her hair!! 

Yesterday was the end of the year poetry presentation at his school. He didn't tell us that he was presenting a poem about his sister. It was so sweet.

Isabelle -

Her favorite place to eat is "Chik-Delay"

When I came to the Mother's Day tea and surprised her at daycare, "Mommy, you scared me!" (she means surprised)

"Mommy, you're my best friend!"

"Mommy, do I make you so happy?" Usually this happens after she uses the potty. Yay Izza!

My sweet girl
Me: Isabelle, do not open the door for strangers.
Isabelle: (crying) Why, I not open the door?!
Me: Because it could be a bad guy...
Isabelle: (serious) I open the door and I get my sword?

She's becoming quite the fashionista:
"I like your hair."
"I like your shirt."
"I like your glasses."

EVERY night before bed: "Can I have a kiss and a hug and a butterfly kiss and a nuzzle nose?"

"I want mommy to give me a kiss and a hug and a butterfly kiss and a nuzzle nose when she is done with the work. When she is done helping the people..."

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