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Thursday, May 19, 2016

"A Mother's Intuition": The Transition from Womanhood to Motherhood

Hey Friends!

The wife of one of my closest friends from college is creating an awesome film about the experience of becoming a mother from the perspective of women from all walks of life. The project is amazing and its goal is to empower women everywhere. I know that it will be a treasure to inspire more dialog about one of the most beautiful, yet terrifying, experiences - new motherhood.

Below you can read about how Elena - the creator - describes AMI Stories:
A Mother’s Intuition (AMI Stories) is a collection of interviews of women with a variety of different experiences, telling stories of mental, spiritual and emotional growth during pregnancy. AMI Stories believes that confidence is gained not when someone suppressed anxiety, doubt, or challenge, but when one is able to use these experiences to actually strengthen their belief in themself and their world. These oral histories of how women grow through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth will be available online and used as community education and discussion tools, in organizations such as women’s centers and pregnancy groups.
Doesn't that sound wonderful?! I WISH I had something like this when I was pregnant with little Nate....

Below is the trailer for the film and a link to her kickstarter campaign. I normally don't post about crowdfunding, but I totally believe in this project. So please support and pass the trailer along to those you know may be interested. No pledge is too small! 

You can head to the website here: {AMI Stories

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