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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Things the Littles Say...

I've been keeping these on my phone since we moved to North Carolina...Isabelle is an abundance of the cutest little toddler imagination and language fumbles. Naters is an abundance of big kid hilarity mixed with LOTS of throwing shade. Hope these bring a smile to your afternoon...


Any time we are watching sports: Which team are you "counting" for?

Every night, at bedtime: Can you walk me to my bed?

After questioning him as to why his sister was crying: 
Me: What happened? 
Nate (whispering): Sin 'temptated' me.
Me: What? I don't understand. 
Nate: Sin "temptated" me.
Me: Nate I don't know what that means. 
Nate: Sin "temptated" me and I hit my sister. 
Me: Sin tempted you? 
Nate: (bows head) Yes. 

TV narrator: King Nebuchadnezzar...
Nate: King Nebuchadnezzar?! I know him! That's like Neeshak, Shadrak, and Ibendigo! (There was a very extensive Bible curriculum in Kindergarten...)

My bear's name is Jackie McDowell Johnson.

After he received his new watch: Mom, it's 11:03...Mom, it's 11:04...

After saying something in an attempt to be sarcastic: That's sarcasm in case you didn't know. 

After a play date at his friend's house with a lovely home, this kid keeps dropping hints that we need a bigger house. One day, while walking the aisles of Home Depot with his dad:
Nate: I'm not sure if I want to spend my money on a new toy or buy a house with four floors. 
Dad: Well, Mommy and Daddy are working hard so one day we can have a nicer house. 
Nate: Maybe you guys should save more dad. You know you can't save if you buy that stuff... :points to cart:
- ___- 

One weekend, I discovered Jane the Virgin on Netflix. 
Nate: Mom, what are you watching? 
Me: Jane. 
Nate: What is the rest of the name? 
Me: .... :quick subject change: (Don't judge me. I wasn't in the mood to discuss what a "virgin" was to my six year old)

Multiple times per day: No Nate! Nate's bothering me!

Hi Mommy/Daddy! How was your work? 

Good Morning! How was your sleep? 

When she is telling one of us not to do something: Do not! Dooo not! Do not eat my food. 

When we were trying to get her to stay in her bed at night she would whisper "Lay down" which meant she wanted us to lay on her floor until she fell asleep. -_-

She is great at encouraging everyone, including herself: 
Yay Isabelle! Good job Isabelle!

When family games get a little out of hand: Time out! Everybody slow down!

Me: Do you need help? 
Isabelle: I got it Mommy. I got it. 

One night at dinner when Nate was pouring his own ketchup. He didn't even have any out yet: 
No, Nate! That’s enough!

One day at Target with Daddy, as they were walking by the lingerie section, Isabelle points to a bra and says: Daddy, Mommy likes these!

Me: Isabelle, why did you take off your baby's clothes? 
Isabelle (yelling and clearly annoyed by my questions): Because baby hot!

Me: What are your babies' names? 
Isabelle: Baby Wow and Baby Mommy. 

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