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Saturday, January 9, 2016

What Resident Mommies Like

Whether you work inside or outside of the home, we all have our quirks and our things that we like. Here is a fun list of some of the things that keep us in our happy places as a mommy and resident:

10. Planners & Calendars. 

Growing up in a household with four kids, we all had a color on the family wall calendar. Now, in the age of all-things-digital, our family Google calendar and my notebook planner help me to keep track of school events, calls, and appointments in one place - color coded and with optional email alerts to all involved parties...

9. Micro-managing Making Lists. 

Making lists for our partners... Making lists for ourselves - we love 'em! Whether it's patient care to do lists at work or a family/personal/work to do list at home, there is something so gratifying in crossing things off. Makes me happy just thinking about it! My favs are Evernote and the never-failing pen and paper!

8. Talking about our kids. 

We will work it into any conversation. Got a funny joke? Let me tell you something hilarious my kid did. Don't have any money? Let me tell you about paying for daycare. As soon as we get the green light to talk about kids, we're in there. Being an OBGYN doctor and a mom is like bankroll when it comes to opportunities to talk about what I consider my greatest accomplishments.

Post-call messages for mommy 

7. Hairdressers and Estheticians that will work extra, extra early, after 5PM, and on Sundays. 

If you can do this for me, it means that I can manage to get my hair done more than every 4 months, and you have a customer for life. I will also express my love for you in the form of referrals. Bonus points if you don't judge my split ends or don't mind when I fall asleep in your chair because I'm post-call.

6. Our kids dressed as doctors, and taking pictures of said kids. 

I mean...who can resist the cuteness of a kid dressed for patient care?


5.  Online Shopping.

As much as I love new things, residency life with kids can be a stretch financially if you don't live more frugally. You are also limited in opportunities to get to the mall. However, every now and then you gotta find a way to...

I may or may not have a tendency to take things a little too far when I'm on nights. #boxesonboxesatmydoor

4. Attendings that "get it". 

I'm blessed to be a part of a program filled with these. Our job is hard enough, so you don't need to feel pressure (you already put TONS on yourself) from an unsupportive environment. It makes those times when those mom-related unexpected circumstances come up so much easier because you know someone has your back.

Coffee from my fellow :-)

3. Facetime/Tango calls and call room cameo visits.

For talking to the aforementioned kids, of course. Even though we would love to be able to be two places at once, the next best thing is seeing your babies while you're away. Even a five minute pre-bedtime video call can make you feel connected and give you the morale boost you need to make it through the rest of your shift.

Similar to the video calls, an in-person visit is even better!

2. An Awesome Support Person.

This is more of a need. For me, it's Nate. He bought into my dream - which then became his - and is working just as hard as me to make it happen for us. You definitely cannot do this alone, whether it's a partner, extended family, or friends.

1. Being at home. 

When I am not working, I love just being at home, in PJs, and surrounded by my babies. Last year, I felt like I had to justify this, but now I realize that after working so hard every day, my days off shouldn't be anything but doing things that give me joy. And being a homebody, with the ones that I love is just that.

Did any of yours make my list? Share your "likes" below!
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