The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: Operation Purge or Pack 2014 Has Commenced
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Operation Purge or Pack 2014 Has Commenced

Hey Friends!

This weekend we finally took some steps on the road to packing. The dumpster that we rented for a week arrived and we were able to toss out our couch that was too far gone to salvage. I then felt ambitious and proceeded to clean out our master bathroom cabinets. But, of course, as soon as I finished with that, I got overwhelmed about where to go next, and promptly decided to handle this feeling the way I know best when I get overwhelmed with school work... I got on Facebook. 

Then I started feeling worse, and I decided to see what Pinterest had in the packing/organization department...jackpot!

I found some great graphics and lists (see a couple below)

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

So now it's a new day and I have a new plan of attack. I have always been a "everything has a place" type person, even when I was little. We went to the Container Store Saturday and I was in OCD heaven :sigh: 

I am geeked that we are purging all of our junk and will move into the new place without all the extra baggage. 

What are some of your moving tips? 
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