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Thursday, May 1, 2014

And fin.

Yesterday was my last real class day in medical school. From now until graduation, I have a few shifts as a pathology TA and then I am free!!!
The Narrative Medicine Crew

To commemorate the day, our Narrative Medicine preceptor brought cake for our last class. It was her last class too since she is retiring this year. She is the sweetest lady, really, and the cake was delish!

Later that evening, the Student National Medical Association held a dinner in honor of the graduates. During second year, I was social chair for the org and I remember being in charge of planning the senior dinner for the class of 2012. I felt like it was going to take forever  to get to my own. It didn't.

Class of 2014 SNMA Grads
After getting our certificates, we all gave words of encouragement to the other classes, and of course, I started crying. I feel like I'm in an emotional bubble just waiting to pop. I told ya'll, on graduation I am going to be a hot, tearful, mess.

I just cannot believe that the years of dreaming and hoping and working and praying have all come to this. I am so thankful to be here and I am trying to take in every sweet, satisfying moment. The realization that I am about to graduate really has been one of the best feelings of my life.

I remember growing up and being enthralled by the cover of my dad's surgical journals that came in the mail. My mom thought it was so gross...haha

And I remember not wanting to go to sleepovers throughout my childhood because of a "very real" fear of meningitis.

I remember not eating beef because of the threat of e.coli. Oh and in third grade being concerned about HIV.

I remember my ambitious research project in 4th grade for the enrichment program at school. I wanted to learn about the entire human body. Although she knew it was a huge undertaking, my teacher let me try and I did it.
In 5th grade, I wanted to do a project about asthma. I could go on and on...

Yes, I was such a weird kid, I know. But I was made for medicine.

And then there was the summer at the Boys and Girls' club, when I realized I genuinely loved people, the messiness of their lives, and making them feel better.

I could go on and on, but the point is that...

I am watching my lifelong dream unfold before my very eyes, and I am so grateful to God.

I am so happy.

Ok, headed to campus. Talk to you later peeps!

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