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Monday, April 21, 2014

"A Change Will Do You Good..."

So is anybody else in awe at how fast this month has gone by?!

Here's a recap of all the awesomeness of April thus far:

The weeks post Match Day have been so busy, crazy, and exciting!!! In addition to Match Day marking the start of Natey's two week spring break,  we have been on the move!

Spring Break fun at the zoo with Maimeo (Hubby's mom) Isabelle clearly mistake "Cheese" for "Smooch" LOL
The first weekend in April, we headed to NC for a "quick" roadtrip to try and find our new home for the next 4+ years. It was nutso, but with the help of a great realtor, we were able to see almost 20 homes in 3 days. Told you, NUTS. Even with the kids, it was a little stressful but a lot of fun. Natey tried to claim all the master bedrooms for himself in every single house...aside from one, because he wanted to claim the bonus room instead. And he kept asking if we "were going to be on TV".  Our binge House Hunter's watching has led our child to believe that a camera crew follows everyone around when they look for a house...LOL

Now we wait, and praying we will have some good news soon!!!


When we got home from NC, that week we celebrated the Hubby's birthday (April 9th) and then later hit the road for Tyler, Texas so that we could attend Nate's grandma's 100th birthday party. It was great! She looks AHH-maz-ing and we had a blast making memories with the family - including an overnight in Memphis to see my cousin's family.

Last week, Nate and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary (April 16th). It was a great day reminiscing on the day we said "I do". For dinner, we took the kids to one of our favorite restaurants in Indy on the water. The night was topped off with some frozen yogurt for dessert :-)

Anniversary dinner :-)

Oh, and yes, I am still a medical student...LOL I am currently taking an elective called "Narrative Medicine" which explores the role of the written/spoken/expressed narrative in the physician and patient experience. We get to read, write, and discuss. Some of my favorite things to do, so you know I am really enjoying it! As someone who loves to write and getting my feelings out on blog, I will always value the narrative of my patients. Telling our stories is healing in-of-itself, and many times we do not realize how it may directly affect our care.

This past weekend, we had a great Resurrection Sunday together at home. I have so much to be thankful for. I feel another "testimony" page coming on soon because the way God has aligned so many things for me and our family this year, I have to give him all the glory.

There are 18 days until graduation (AHHH!) and 30 or so days until we are hoping to move (AHHH!) This week's plan is to start packing, throw a ton of stuff away, and try and enjoy our last weeks as Indianapolis residents. When I think about moving, I can't help but be a little sad. So much has happened for us here in Indy. It is the first place I lived completely on my own (well, with baby Nate, too), it's where Nate and I got married, it's where we had Isabelle, it's where I feel like I finally became comfortable with myself and started to make decisions solely for me and my family, and no one else. Such a huge part of me is here, and I know at some point the ugly cry is going to be ready.

I never liked change, but I am learning that although sometimes it hurts, and is uncomfortable, and makes you a tad bit anxious, God has ordered our steps and so I don't have to be afraid.

Happy Monday friends!

I will have another photo-dump update before the month is over...I promise. OK, let's be real, I hope...LOL
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