The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: Things Natey Says: 5 Years-Old Edition; Volume 1
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Friday, March 7, 2014

Things Natey Says: 5 Years-Old Edition; Volume 1

Nate is growing so much! He is definitely not "mommy's baby" anymore. And as always, he keeps us smiling with all the things he says and does. Here are some of my favorites since his sister has been born: 

While watching me paint my nails: "Sirs don't paint their toes or fingers."

"Mommy I want some chocolate milk. But not from your chest." 
I guess breastfeeding isn't for him haha

When Izzy was first born he would tell everyone who held her, "If she cries give her to my mommy because that is what I do."

And one day he was all, "I'm ready to walk her now." But we shut that down, fast. 

"Daddy can you give the baby to mommy now so we can play soccer?"

:in his cutest baby talk, high pitched voice: "Hi Izzy! You're so adorable!" 

Consoling his crying sister: "It's ok. Daddy's coming. He's coming baby. Brother is here."

While carrying around a little devotional book he found at my mom's house: "Is this the Word of God?"

Nate (while I'm getting Izzy dressed): "Mom, don't forget to do something important..."
Me: "What?"
Nate: "Brush her hair."

Over Christmas break when he was with his younger cousins and obviously feeling so wise: 
Blake: "What did you say Nay Nay?"
Nate (VERY matter-of-factly): "I said 'bang', B-I-A."
Me: "B-A-N-G, Nate"

When he found out Izzy was starting daycare: "You're going to daycare sweetie! Don't be scared. I wasn't scared on my day and you'll come home right after."

To his dad who was having an allergic reaction to something he ate (hives): "You have bumpy-itis."
Big Nate: "Bumpy-itis?! Oh no! Do you know a doctor who may be able to help me?"
Nate: "Well, my mommy is a doctor, but she can't help you. She only helps get babies out of mommy's tummies."

Big Nate and I will say, "____ look at your son/daughter" when the kids are doing something funny, so now when Izzy does anything, little Nate goes, "Mom, look at your daughter..." HA!
Happy Friday!

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