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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Countdown Is On!

Yesterday was my emergency medicine shelf exam! I've probably already said this, but I'm done with all required clerkships of the year!

This week was literally a rollercoaster of emotions...

On Saturday, we noticed that Natey wasn't feeling too well. He wasn't his bubbly, slow-down-for-nothing self. Before my 10PM shift that night, his temp was an impressive 103.4. I am so done with these children of mine and high fevers. Two weeks ago, Isabelle had me freaking out over a 103 - double ear infections were the culprit.

So Monday, Nate was still spiking fevers, complaining of headaches and a stomachache.  Being on EM has me thinking headache + fever could be meningitis so, Mommy did a quick exam to rule out anything he could get some antibiotics for and/or needed hospital admission for.

Natey's at-home exam went something like this: HEENT (Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat): Pupils equal, round, and reactive to light. Lymphadenopathy (swollen glands) noted in throat. Tympanic membranes (ear drums) clear. Oropharynx (throat) erythematous (red) with white exudates (white stuff on his tonsils). Heart & Lungs - clear. Abdomen: Non-distended. Non-tender. 

"Trying" to study and be doctor mom at the same time
So after that exam, my suspicion for strep throat was pretty high, and meningitis was a bit lower on my differential. So we headed to urgent care to confirm. Sure enough, his throat swab was positive within minutes. He was home from school until Wednesday, and thankfully, he's doing a lot better.

It's almost comical how every. single. time. I have an exam block/need to study during this four years, my kid would get sick. This last exam was no different. And every time I say this will teach me not to procrastinate with my studying - eh but not so much...

While this was brewing, Isabelle's cheeks - that have been red pretty much her whole life - were getting more irritated. It was only by the grace of God that I called a pediatric dermatologist right after someone had cancelled their appointment, and we were able to get in the next day. I found out from her pediatrician that the wait for that doc is MONTHS in advance. Anyway, little miss is on antibiotics too and a steroid cream. Her cheeks look so much better!

And her regular doc said at her 7 month appointment she is already hitting all the 9 month milestones so she can start trying some soft solid foods. I also had a long talk with the pediatrician about how terrible my sleeping has been because I can't stand to hear Izzy cry when I put her in her crib. A lot of it has to do with mommy guilt and feeling like I was abandoning her at night when I was already abandoning her during the day on all these long-houred rotations. Needless-to-say, hearing how another mom who works long hours dealt with this stage was so encouraging, and it was enough to help me to give Isabelle what she needs and not what she wants. So we both have been sleeping better - in our own beds...haha

I still stalk her on the baby monitor though

Nom nom nom...

Wednesday night I finalized my rank list for residency! All of the medical students put the programs they interviewed at in order from most favorite to least favorite. The programs do the same thing, and we all had to give our final submissions by Wednesday night. I was super calm when I was doing it, but now I keep having freak out moments. Now we wait until March 21st to find out where I will be!

Wednesday and Thursday were my last EM shifts. I enjoyed this month a lot more than I expected. One of the things I like best about the field of medicine is building relationships with my patients and seeing them over and over again. However, I will say that I still felt good after the one-time interactions I had with my patients in the ED. I met some great docs and nurses, and everyone was so happy I wanted to go into OBGYN because all of the speculum exams deferred to me haha. Another surprise was that there is a ton of ob-gyn in the emergency room - which was awesome. The whole month I felt like part of the team, and like a real doctor. For those of you interested in more details about my EM month, I will do a Careers in medicine post :-)

Yesterday was my test, which was promptly followed by my usual and much-needed pedicure and brow waxing. Before picking up the kids and heading home, I met with Nate's teacher for parent-teacher conferences, He is doing awesome in PreK and I am so proud of him. This weekend is my first one at home in a long time. I told the hubby I want to try and get through all of the Oscar nominated best pictures before tomorrow night. And apparently I need to go get supplies for the snowstorm that starts this evening. Dear Winter, I am DONE.

On Monday, I start my month as a teaching assistant in the pathology lab. I love teaching so I think this is going to be a lot of fun - not to mention it is going to give me more free time for family and fourth year living :-)

Hope you all are having a good weekend so far! 69 days until graduation!!!
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