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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things Little Nate Says...

Outside his new classroom 
When Nate turned 3 it seemed like he grew up overnight. No more pull-ups, no more long afternoon naps, no more stroller, no more toddler in our house. We have a big kid!

I'm going to have to re-name these posts, because :sniff sniff: my baby is growing up so fast...He started Pre-School a couple weeks ago and I cannot believe it! This has been the fastest 3 1/2 years of my life by far.

One thing hasn't changed though, he is still our comic relief. Here are some of the hilarious things he has been saying since he turned 3:

Interrupting his pediatrician (who knows I am in med school and was joking about me 'not being too busy'):
"My mommy is not busy. My daddy is busy."

One morning this past winter, I am embarrassed to admit that while chasing Nate on the driveway trying to get him in the car for school (it snowed the night before so he darted out to play in it), I fell FLAT on my back. Like - both feet in the air at the same time - flat on my back. Yea, OUCH. So after watching me wipe the snow off of my back and clothing. Nate could tell that he should just quietly get in the car, and he did. Then he turns to the stuffed puppy he brought in with him, puts his paws together and says: "Let's pray for Mommy."

After I got dressed for work:
Me: Nate does Mommy look pretty?
Nate: (very matter of factly) No, you don't have on a princess dress.

About to get out the car while it's raining:
"Mommy is Daddy going to carry you inside? If your hair gets wet will it be not nice?"
My 3 year old understands the rules of Black hair :fist pump: haha

Me: Nate before you can get any more new toys you have to pick some old toys to give to a little boy who doesn't have any toys.
Nate: (crying/yelling) No, that is NOT a good idea!

Story as translated from the Hubby when he picked him up from school: After he walked past staring at a girl that looked to be about 6, he turns to his dad and says, "She's cute Daddy!"

To my husband who was on the couch using his iPad (Nate calls it "White Game" because of the case it is in) and always wants to use it:
Nate: Daddy, go give mommy a kiss
:The hubby gets up to go kiss me in the other room:
Nate: Wait Daddy! :whispers: Leave white game.

Last Sunday the hubby was baptized and while we were watching Nate says: "I want to get baptized!"
Me: Ok, that is great! You can get baptized when you get older.
Natey: When I turn four, I am getting baptized Mommy, OK?

"I'm going to get ALLLL the sugar!" as he races his dad to kiss me first when they get home.

In the car on the way to school he was angry at me for not letting him stay home and play on the computer:
Nate: Mommy I don't want to love you! I don't like you!
Me: Ok. That's fine.
Nate: Can I see your phone?
Me: No, you don't love me or like me.
Nate: (while flashing a huge smile) Mommy, I do want to love you. I do want to like you.

Me: You cannot have another piece of bread until you finish your chicken.
Nate: If I get another piece will the police officer come and put me in jail?
Me: ....
(It's possible that could've worked in our favor but I didn't want to confuse him on the jurisdiction of the police force...)

When he gets told he cannot do something:
"You changed my words!! Never!" < o_O

And my personal favorite:
An unprovoked "Mommy, you're my bestfrannn. I love you so big much :kiss:" swoon

Painting in Art Class

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