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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things My Toddler Says

At Grammy's house
While opening Christmas presents sealed tight:
"Give it to my daddy, he's strong as Hulk!"

His new favorite question: "Because why? Tell me!!!"

"Mommy, you're my buddy/favorite."

To his cousin Meg, who is a teacher, while she was quizzing him on letter sounds: "That's what the teacher says..."

Me: "Nate you are so :insert: helpful/smart/polite!"
Nate (matter-of-factly): You're welcome.

Me: "Nate it's time to go"
Nate: "Two seconds. I'm almost done..."

Me: "Nate it's time for bed..."
Nate: "I not tired. I just woke up!"

Me: "Nate it's time for a bath..."
Nate: "I don't take a bath. I not dirty..."

"WOW! That's amazing!"

"I don't care!" - This needs to stop like tomorrow.

"Stop kidding me!"

Nate walks up to me one morning when I have on shorts, touches my leg and says, "Mommy big leg?". The next day I wore pants and he goes "Where's mommy big leg?" o_x

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