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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am done with finals and Christmas vacation thus far has been amazing!!! It was a rough semester but I feel accomplished because I didn't give up and I finished strong. 

I feel like a little kid because not only is school out for THREE WEEKS, I am so excited because I have gotten to see and spend time with the family and friends that med school has pulled me away from. We were a lot better this year about getting the tree up and decorating before finals. I'm extra late with the pics but here is our tree!

It still is crazy thinking about the fact that I am an adult with a family with her own Christmas tree. Ok, yes, I know get over still blows my mind how much time flies and how much life can change in just a year...

My last two weeks will be filled with more family time and getting my organization life up in our home...I have closets I want to do, papers and clothes to sort through, budgeting, scheduling, etc. My to do list is long, but I know I can get it done in time for classes...

God is so good. He has really been showing out for our family this year and I see nothing but great things in store for 2012!

Irish baby blessings 
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