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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This Week in Med School...

Block two started last Thursday and ended on Monday, so that pretty much took over my life... Nothing big to report other than the fact that I had a MUCH better handle on things this time around, and all praise to God, because I think I finally have the hang of second year - better late than never!

Peep the confidence level going into the test this time:

Can you say complete 180? LOL

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Okay, okay, let's rewind a bit to two weeks ago and I will tell you about my general surgery SPD session.  Once again we were sent over to the simulation center where our small groups rotated to 4 different stations - 45 minutes each - and got to practice some common things you might see in general surgery.

Station 1: A vascular surgeon gave us a quick presentation on vascular disease followed by a tutorial on using a venous doppler
Station 2: A surgery resident walked us through placing a foley catheter and naso-gastric tube in dummies
Station 3: A general surgeon instructed us on looking for direct and indirect hernias and we practiced finding them (on a dummy too)
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Station 4: A breast surgeon talked to us about breast cancer and we practiced performing a breast exam and explaining how to report a lump correctly

It was definitely a lot of fun! I am still keeping my mind open but ENT has really been the most interesting for me. Of course, I have a lot of clinical exposure ahead of me so I am just enjoying the chance to get to try everything.

After exams I was beyond exhausted. Sooo happy that we have 5 days off for Thanksgiving break, and it feels so good to sleep in (and don't get me started on all the food I am about to eat)!
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