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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My First Thrifting Adventure

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Last week on my first day off I tried my hand at thrifting...I got some great tips from my BFF in LA and from Mimi over at Lipgloss & Binky, searched on a few thrifting blogs and I was on my merry way...

My first stop was a Goodwill OUTLET...Who knew? Well, the premise of the outlet is that after the clothes don't sell in a regular store they get sent here and they are sold for .69cents per pound!!! They bring out these HUGE bins filled with stuff and they rotate the bins every hour. It was so overwhelming...but I walked away with a plus size shirt with a print that I really liked - brand unknown, a Lands End white men's dress shirt, and a purple Sonoma Lifestyle duster sweater. I spent $4.32.

So then I planned to hit up another Goodwill in a more affluent part of town. On the way, I stopped at a Salvation Army that I passed and it was definitely a miss...But when I got to Goodwill it was one of the nicest I had ever seen. And it didn't have that old clothes smell either. There I got a 100% Cashmere sweater in tan and a grey NY&Co. sweater both for $4.42 - neither were on sale, but they were in great condition so thats a steal to me...

The next day I started having buyer's remorse - mainly from my outlet purchases, but the hubby reminded me that I didn't spend a fortune so it wasn't a huge loss...I realized that I was just lacking inspiration, so I started googling what to do with big over size shirts LOL... I am starting to love the idea of having unique stuff that no one will have...and for CHEAP! I need to get a skinny belt, but here are the two looks I had this weekend with some of my finds:

What do you think? Have you or would you consider thrifting?

If you are looking into trying it yourself, here are the tips/sites I found:
Ginger and the Geek
Painfully Hip -> this site might end up being a new favorite spot...

Let me know how it goes and link up!!
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