The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: Multi-Tasking or Multiple Personality Disorder?
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Multi-Tasking or Multiple Personality Disorder?

There's a fine line.

I think that when I am doing too many things at once, I get to the point where none (or at least the majority) of what I am doing gets done well. AND I have crossed the border into multiple personality territory - not knowing what I did 10 minutes ago like some other person is doing things for me too; i.e. Jasmine doing tasks 1-4, Janine doing task 5-8, Jaqueshia doing tasks 8-10, you get my point...

This is definitely one of those times.

I couldn't even remember if I took my sinus medicine this morning - mind you, I had 5 minutes earlier. The past few weeks have been HARD to say the least. In fact, this week while I've been sick was probably the most difficult week during med school yet. All my body wanted me to do was crash, but I had to push on so I could take my ICM quiz and get ready for this weekend's Neuro exam (which I am still trying to scramble to do).

At first I was 100% school school school, but then I immediately felt mediocre in the wife, mother, and personal well-being department. It's almost impossible for me to slack on mommy duties because you can't expect a 2 year old to understand why you can't tuck him in, watch Dino Dan with him, or anything else he pleadingly asks... The Hubs has taken over most of the Natey duties (school pick up, dinner, bath time) except for the morning routine of getting him to school (he even gets him dressed sometimes which helps me tremendously). It sucks to admit, but by default the Hubby always is the one who receives the most neglect... Oh and my diet and workout routine was non-existent...WOMP.

So then I tried to go all out at home, and well, let me just say there never was a moment when I felt like I was on top of everything at school. Even my classmates with no family life like mine feel the same way. Last year was child's play compared to this in my opinion. This is definitely more like "the year of the fire hydrant" to me... There is just so much information coming at you all at once, and all you have is this paper cup to try and catch it all...Yikes. Having one of those moments were I feel like I am losing...:sigh:

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I knew from day one this was going to be difficult. Last year, everything seemed to just come together for me, but now I feel like every day I am walking in unchartered territory. Even though I am not the first woman to take on so much responsibility it does feel that way right now. I'm just going to pray for the strength I need and have faith that God will carry me (and my Nates through this). If I learned anything this summer, it's how to exercise my faith.

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